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Hiya! Linda here. I’ve got a page about us here but I guess I could say a couple things about me/us.

I just found this video from 2010. When I find more, I will post them. It is a video about my old cafe and what brought me to doing it…


(the link to the video can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IquJNZb7CLI )


We are a small manufacturing company located in central Vermont where we lovingly hand-make filtering bags for all your kitchen needs. We carry nylon and organic hemp bags in 4 shapes/sizes and also make reusable coffee filters and tea bags. We can do custom sizes and handle wholesale and distributor options for you, no matter what business size.

A bit of history: we started our nut milk bag business by making the rectangles – they are the standard size nut milk bag. A team of chefs tested and perfected our bags from our first wholesale customer (Cafe Gratitude out in California), so we feel we make the best bags out there.

We were then asked if we could make a larger bag for some wholesale customers so we made the square-shaped bag. These bags are great because they give you the best of both worlds – ample space for sprouting and lots of room for making juices and nut milks. Beer makers, tempeh makers and other fermented product makers really like the square-shaped size (and they prefer the hemp bags).

Then we were asked if we would make a funnel shaped bag that would be less material to have to deal with for squeezing out the liquid but large enough to filter through – so that is how the v-shape bag came into being!

Finally the oval bag was asked of us to make and we chose to take the larger bag and round the bottom of it. It is a very popular bag!

We’ve also offer other custom size/shape bags various projects and businesses. We are happy to make a specialized bag to suit your needs! Just ask!

For more information on the size and shape and materials to chose from, please go here: http://vt-fiddle.com/blog/?p=479


“Linda’s Vermont Fiddle Head’s Nut Milk Bags are the best that I have ever experienced! They are durable and don’t leak! I know of many people that have successfully used these nut milk bags every day during their 92 Day Juice fast without any problems!”
—Matt Monarch, therawfoodworld.com

“I love Vermont Fiddle Head’s nut milk bags, because they are so easy to clean and they last forever. I use them for everything from straining my green juices to making nut milks and everything in between. My husband uses them when he makes homemade beer as well! And, I love that they are made in the US. So many nut milk bags are made in China or other countries where work conditions are far from optimal. These are the only nut milk bags I sell in my store, and I don’t ever intend to look elsewhere! Thank you VF for making such a high quality product!”
—Joanna from sirovafoods.com

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