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a local midwife is going to haiti…

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

here’s the latest update on her needs. Please read and donate. Thank you.


Hi all,
In the last 36 hours we have come together as a community in amazing ways. Towels, sheets, toothpaste, energy bars, baby items…the list goes on and on. At this point…if everyone follows through with the items they committed to, we are in good shape. Now it comes down to this:


Money is what is going to get the rest of the job done.

If you haven’t given yet, or want to give more, please send money immediately to

Allies for Trauma Relief
24 Colby Street
Barre, VT 05641

Birth/medical supplies, transportation, medicine, food, water…there are so many things that need to happen but they can’t without more Money.

Please send it now…5, 10, 200, 1000 dollars…however much you can. The women and families of Haiti need Bumi Sehat to be a success.

Again…here is the link to Bumi Sehat Women’s and Children’s Clinic where Katherine is headed in less than 2 weeks…

You can also follow Bumi Sehat on facebook.

Let us get the money flowing so Katherine and Bumi Sehat can do the absolute best work they can for the people in our world who may very well need it the most right now.

In Gratitude,
Sarah Keeley

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