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Are you curious what you can do with our hemp square bags?

Hi there!

Here’s some information about our hemp square filtering bags. This is what we LOVE about them:
The (roughly) 12”x12” SQUARE hemp bag is our most popular bag. The wide uses for the hemp bags make them very desirable. We sell them to people who want a bag for straining nut/seed milks and juices along with: sprouting, making kefirs/yogurts, ice creams, coffee, beer, wine, mead, kombucha, teas, cheeses, and herbal medicines, to name a few. Anything that cheesecloth might be used for is perfect for our bags, however, we believe our bags are far superior to cheesecloth. The bonuses are: these bags are super durable and reusable; they are made from renewable sources and are environmentally friendly; the cloth is less “burlappy” feeling to other hemp sprouting bags; the weave allows for less-sediment in straining/filtering. A bag that can do all of this? YES!

About Us:
Other little tidbits of possible interest about our bags and our company: The hemp is certified organic and we have a close relationship with the mills that are providing the material to us, ensuring that the workers at the mill are treated fairly and humanely. The cord is made from strong and durable flax. People are confident to use these bags from fridge to a boiling pot on the stove. We are also a woman-owned and operated store. We HANDMAKE our bags in a tiny renovated barn space of an old farmhouse in central Vermont. Our bags are not made with “planned obsolescence” in mind: they are made for durability and longevity in mind.

Lots of love and filtering to you!

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