caramel apples – raw style

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Just posted this on my newsletter this week. I add new recipes each week in case you are interested to join:

Caramel Apples – don’t waste this on the trick or treaters! (did I really write that? Oh I’m sorry!) 🙂

* 1 fuji apple, washed
* 4-5 medjool dates
* water or lemon juice if necessary
* pinch of celtic sea salt, ground
* ÂĽ cup hazelnuts, chopped

Wash the apple and dry. Set aside. Use a thick chopstick and poke into the center of the apple. In a food processor, add the dates, pinch of salt and a dab of water or lemon juice to keep the processor moving. Blend until a thick paste. Spread the date paste onto the apple and then roll into the chopped nuts. Enjoy!

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