day 2 of switching things up

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September 2nd, 2012

This is day two coming to a close. I began the day with local melon again. I got them from a local buying club sort of thing and they sent me more than I ordered so there’s lots to eat. This was a pink flesh watermelon, organic and full of seeds. It tasted sweet and yummy. It was probably about a 3-5 lb melon and we split it in half, giving the kids some again. After the melon, I had some fresh strawberries that were yummy but didn’t taste nearly as sweet as the melon. My daughter said it was nice starting the day with something so watery.

I had 1/2 liter of water after breakfast and began writing the last of the papers that were due today.

In the afternoon was the usual green smoothie. It hit the spot as I was pretty darn hungry by the time lunch time came around.

I finished my paper and we went for a bike ride in Stowe. I wanted to do the rec path twice but changed my mind after we drove by a girl who crashed her bike. it was pretty interesting that this happened. Just last week our friend went over the handle bars of his bike and thank goodness he was wearing his helmet because it had cracked in 3 places from the crash. We wore our helmets on this ride and I had this thought about, “what really could happen on a little bike path?” What a terrible question. The kids were riding when this girl toppled over her bike and her foot was caught in the spokes of her front tire. Thankfully there was a nurse at the scene. We helped to move the bike over and we all waited to make sure the girl’s mother came to her. We went after the bike ride to a local bike shop and got me a better fitting helmet. (The one I was wearing was too small for my head.)

After the bike ride, I drank a full liter of water. We also had a tiny bit of Liberty Chocolate that I had bought ages ago. It still tasted very good. (We sort of have a tradition of eating chocolate after that bike path ride.) It was a GLORIOUS day out.

We got home in time for dinner. I made the kids some potato salad since I got potatoes from the local CSA and needed to do something with them. I added cukes, local onion, local celery and used the remainder pickle juice from local pickles I bought a few days ago. I added vegannaise for them. It tasted like a traditional potato salad and they were pleased.

I then added some cucumber and fresh tomato to the excruciatingly hot salsa I made yesterday. It helped only slightly to cool it off.

For dinner we had a BIG green salad with a tiny bit of the hot salsa, the last of the freshly made guacamole and some NOT TUNA that I made (had fresh local dill, local celery and onions to use so it made sense to make it. I kept the oil and salt out and added some heirloom tomatoes I got locally, too. Delicious. I put just a tiny bit of my homemade kim chi on the top and savored every last bit. If I have something similar tomorrow, I’m going to put it all in a collard leaf and eat it like a wrap sandwich with more dulse. I love those things.

This was a very filling dinner so it’s just been water since. Matt is saying that his stomach feels bloated. I feel pretty good. I hope I sleep well. I was sort of restless last night.

I also notice that I’m having some kind of detox symptoms or something. I have to be sure to continue to sweat and drink lots of water. I’ll keep you posted. I believe that even though I’ve been eating well, I’ve been eating a lot of fat and sweets again and so it’s good for me to switch things up. I’m looking forward to taking this all gradually and to be open to the experience. I’m going to listen to my body to see what the best thing to do is. I have to be honest when I say that I’m sort of nervous about all the fruit but I’m also very happy to enjoy what I’m eating. I got in a rut of not really feeling like eating much, particularly for breakfast and even during lunch when I wasn’t in the mood for a smoothie (it happens on rare occasions!) 🙂 I just wouldn’t eat anything except for chocolate and then dinner would come around and I’d eat way too big of portions and then we’d eat some dessert. This wasn’t the norm but it also didn’t seem like a good habit to begin again so it was time to nip things in the bud.

Please wish me good luck. I shall keep you posted!


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4 Responses to “day 2 of switching things up”

  • Ooh, this sounds wonderful! I thought of you today when I was in the store and I picked up some nectarines. The melon sounds wonderful. Maybe our bodies get used to stuff and it’s good to switch it up every now and then.

    I got chastised by a dr for riding my bike without a helmet. I said “but I was just going around the neighborhood slowly” and he said “anything over 5mph when you crash without a helmet is considered a high speed crash to the body” (since he had worked in the ER and that was the guidelines they used). It convinced me to wear my helmet no matter what. I’m glad everyone was okay.

  • Yum! How were the nectarines? Were they ripe yet? I have some ripening in a box. Still working on the peaches though.

    I definitely think our bodies get used to stuff and switching it up makes good sense. Think about it: we change the oil in our car, we defrag our computers but we don’t give our bodies a break from the kinds of food we eat.

    The chocolate I had yesterday after the bike ride was good and yet I could taste the fat in it. It tasted different. I typically can’t get enough of that taste and yesterday it was too much, even the small bit that I had. That’s interesting to note.

    I’m glad you wear a helmet regularly. I think about you every time I get in to the car. “Holly would tell me to buckle up right away. She’s not moving until I buckle up!” 🙂

  • Haha, that’s awesome!! Yay to seatbelts!

    I agree completely that switching things up is good. I’ve been paying a lot of attention to how I feel after I eat certain foods and it’s amazing to me how easy it is to ignore. But you know, after I eat a sweet overload, I get this awful fatigue. It’s not right away — like a half hour later, so maybe that’s why it’s easy to overlook, but once I started paying attention, I realized it was connected. Awareness is good on so many levels.

    One nectarine was AMAZING! The other was dry and not very good at all. The awesome one was bruised and too soft and I thought would taste rotten!

  • It’s amazing how easy it is to neglect or overlook the subtle ways in which our bodies talk to us. I think unless our bodies are YELLING, we don’t actually stop to listen. So good for you for checking it out and being aware of what you put in and how it feels. Keep it up!

    I haven’t yet had the nectarines here – too many other delicious fruits to eat! But everyone else seems to be liking them a lot! Glad you had an awesome one.


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