first day after juice fast

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I had 8 hours of sleep last night! Oh what a joy! It’s been a while and it felt great!

For breakfast, I had a fruit pudding consisting of
1 banana
1 mango

pureed in a food processor. Very yummy.

I also made a green juice and split it with the family:
1 pineapple
4 oranges
heaps and heaps of baby spinach
2 stalks celery
very yummy!

I went into town to do some energy medicine with Lauren Walker and it was great. Things have been off for me for a while and it’s helpful to have a good crew of support peeps around… She’s one of them. I made her a lemon cheezecake, parsley pesto, pizza crackers and carob YUM balls for payment. She was delighted and I couldn’t have been happier. I really do love making food for people. Particularly when they are so appreciative! 🙂

I stopped by the local coop to get some greens for tomorrow since I only have some celery and baby spinach left. Remember: it’s good to mix up your greens! I also got some simple saline for my nose. It has been a DRY winter and my nose is not happy about it no matter how many humidifiers I’ve got going around the house.

I made a green smoothie for lunch and split it with Matt:

2 large bananas
1 10 oz bag frozen blackberries
1/2 10 oz bag frozen raspberries
1 whole bunch lacinato kale
1 TBSP vitamineral green

it was yummy and very berry tasting. the color was a deep dark red – it was gorgeous, like the color of dark cherries. FRESH. I forget how simple these smoothies taste – simple and delicious. I get caught up in adding protein powders and chia and while those things are great, it’s nice to keep it simple.

I was able to drink 64 oz water today and haven’t been able to do that for a whole week. I guess fiber makes you more thirsty – makes sense.

worked a full day – had a very nice day at the cafe. Got some orders out. Sold a couple Offhand Designs bags, too which always makes me happy.

Got home and found that the closet in my room is pretty much done! YAY! Now I need to make some time to organize it and get my clothes in there. This will make it so I won’t need a dresser.

Dinner was cooked and raw – a whole lotta veggies.

In a pan, I added water, broccoli, red onions, yellow onions and zucchini – cooked them up a bit and added lemon juice and wheat free tamari. Also added some kelp noodles. I tend to gravitate to these after a fast. They are so fun. I added some Rhapsody tempeh and brown rice and at the very end (after turning the heat off) I added chopped up chard. Served it over a big bed of baby spinach. I added a teaspoon of parsley pesto and kim chee. And let me tell you, I was a happy camper. I felt soooo grateful to eat this beautiful meal. I was afraid about feeling overly ful but aside from the big pile of spinach, I mostly had the kelp noodles. I felt very human again, grounded and grateful and hunger sated. It was great.

After dinner, we watched some old episodes of creepy X-Files and then I decided to take a bath. It is cold in the house and the bath felt goooooooooood. Epsom salt, essential oils and bubble bath made for a great combination – that and a good book to read. I was sweating the bath was so hot and again, I felt grateful to sweat.

So that was my day. Lovely for the first day out of a fast.

all love,

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