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I received a question about a moisturizer so here’s one that I’m posting from a blog I found a while ago. If you make it, let me know how it turns out for you. Good luck and HAVE FUN!



Handmade Body Moisturizer Recipe

Like fresh food, this will go bad after a certain period of time. If you
don’t think you’ll use it within three months, store it in the refrigerator.
Makes approximately 2 cups

1 cup filtered water, cold brewed tea, orange blossom water, or rose water

3/4 cup oil such as olive, almond, unrefined coconut, or avocado

3 tablespoons grated beeswax

Optional: a few drops of essential oil of your choice, for fragrance

1. Set up a blender and pour in the water. Prepare clean, dry glass jars for
packaging and have them nearby.

2. Put the oil and the beeswax in a Pyrex measuring cup. Place the cup in a
pan or small pot and pour in water to reach about halfway up the cup. Bring
the water to a gentle boil, and heat the oil and beeswax until the beeswax
melts. You’ll know when the wax is melted because you won’t see it anymore.
As soon as the wax is melted, remove the cup from the water and let the oil
cool for 2 minutes.

3. Turn on the blender and start blending the water at medium speed. Remove
the stopper in the blender lid so you can pour the oil through the top while
blending. Slowly pour in the oil and the mixture will begin to emulsify. If
there is still some water on the surface, turn up the blender and blend the
mixture 30 seconds to a minute longer. If you’re using essential oil, blend
it in now.

4. With a clean rubber spatula, transfer the cream to the glass jars. Cover
the jars with cheesecloth for an hour, or until they’ve reached room
temperature. Placing the lid on the jar when this is warm will cause
condensation to form under the lid, which will water down the lotion and
form bacteria. When the lotion is cool, screw on the jar lids. Store at room
temperature for up to 3 months, or in the refrigerator for 6 months.

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