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Life is pretty full lately, with lots of changes and transitions coming. I’ve had many years of emotional eating under my belt and the last 10+ have been changing the pattern a bit. In some ways, I’ve come full circle: when I used to raid the fridge if I was experiencing sadness or anger or frustration, etc, now I find that I can’t eat if I’m feeling a big emotion. That’s both good and very foreign at the same time. It’s good because I think this is how “normal” people react: they hear awful news and they can’t eat until their insides are settled down. It’s also very foreign: there is a loss of what to do when something big happens. I have many tools in my toolbelt and I’m still learning how to take inventory of mind/body/spirit when change happens or stress happens or excitement happens, etc. There’s always much to learn and I don’t think I’m totally out of the water yet for emotional eating.

Since we got the big Vitamix order, I was super excited and stressed (good stress) to make sure we had all our ducks in a row. Coincidentally, I had had a physical/blood test that showed some hormones that were extremely low – almost not existant. Could be my age, and doc suggested I try DHEA to help bring some hormones back. I did a little bit of research on DHEA and found a full spectrum of information ranging from no bad side effects to terrible side effects. I did some experimenting with it and on the one hand, I felt more “myself” in my body and there were other things that happened too, namely: having difficulty sleeping, getting BIG pimples on my face and gaining weight.

In retrospect, I can’t say for sure if it was solely the DHEA that made me gain weight, or the stress of the big order, or the problems experienced in relationship. I recall that I felt pretty darn hungry when I was taking DHEA – I typically don’t wake up very hungry, for example, and when I was taking DHEA, I was waking up pretty darn ravenous.

Whatever it was (and probably a combination of the three), I put on weight – about 20 lbs, which is a lot. This has been the norm for me, though. It’s been rather easy for me to put on and take off the same damn 20 lbs for the last 10 years. What a habit. I’m longing to break this. It’s a mental and emotional habit, I’m sure of it. (My 20 lbs is like average size people’s 10 lbs. I’m six feet tall, which is why I don’t refer to myself as average size. So I mean to say where it is easy for some folks to gain/lose the same 10 lbs, for me it has been 20.)

Anyway, I went off the DHEA after 3 months or so of being on it. The major difference is that I’m sleeping better and the mad pimples are gone. The weight, however, is still there. Holding on. The good news is that I’m doing strengthening exercises and using weights to try to up my testosterone naturally. I’m able to hold the plank pose (yoga pose) for well over a minute now! I do feel stronger and so my overall health and well-being is good. I don’t, however, feel good when it’s time to wear my clothes and I no longer want to have a “fat” wardrobe” and a “thin” one.

So, it is time yet again to step into this eating pattern and weight-holding-habit and see what I can do to get down to a healthy weight AND STAY THERE LONG TERM! I’m going to be working with Lauren Walker with this, she does energy medicine and so much of this for me is like a habit in the mind/spirit. I eat very well and I exercise. There is the mind of a fat chick in there, though. And the mind of a non-deserving person. These are the things to work on.

I’ve been contemplating this for a while now and it occurred to me that the last couple of weeks I’ve been pretty stumped about what I want to eat, how I want it to look like. In the past, when I felt the best, I did a green juice in the morning, a green smoothie in the afternoon and a BIG salad at night with some added cooked stuff like brown rice and some Rhapsody tempeh. It’s time to reboot the system here – the salads at night have turned into more cooked than raw and ending with desserts. I’ve also been snacking on raw chocolate during the day and that’s also not a good habit for me to get into.

Recalling the 10 days or so of eating lots of fruit this past summer, I remember how attractive fruit is. I remember how nice it felt to eat fruit (I had so many guilty feelings associated with fruit from books and raw foodies in the past that I associated fruit as being BAD!) I tend to have to gear myself up to green juicing (don’t ask me why) and so I thought I would start the day with a fruit smoothie today and see how that feels.

In the Vitamix pitcher (64 oz), I threw in:
4 ripe bananas
3 mangoes
4-5 honey dates (FRESH! What a treat in January)
1 blood orange

Whirled it around in the blender and then poured into 3 glasses: 2 16 oz glasses and 1 32 oz glass. I had the 32 oz glass. It was yummy and a light yellow color. Very pretty.

Thanks for reading. Let me know if you have similar experiences and what things work for you to get out of your own way to living your best healthy life. (I’m referring to energy and mind/spirit aspects of food here please!!!)


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  • Hi Linda. The way I read this is that your body needs more animal fat for creating hormones and more protein. Your diet consists mostly of sugars. Even though it is all good fresh food , it is sugar which will cause you to build fat. Fresh raw food is great but needs to be balanced out with the fats and proteins that your body needs. I used to eat in a very similar way to what you are describing and I couldnt keep weight off. Now I eat lots of veggies and local, organic meat and I am lean and feel great.
    Be well

  • thanks for the feedback. I am not sure how my diet can be assessed though when you aren’t with me daily. I actually do eat a lot of fat/protein as well as vegetables. I didn’t eat lots of fruits because of things read, etc. Meat doesn’t work for me. It causes a lot of problems and is the cause for a great amount of weight gain as well as inflammation and a boatload of other issues in the past…

  • if it helps to have this info: I was a localvore before there was even a word. Grew up with a mom that made things from scratch. While we did occasionally have processed foods – they came as a “treat” by my dad, mostly. I was a vegetarian for 7 years and when I was pregnant for my son, started eating meat again. This is when I became a localvore. Everything had to be from scratch and I had to know where everything came from. In that time, I had candida, allergies, sensitivites, and I was about 65+ lbs heavier than I am now. My homeopathic MD at the time put me on an allergy elimination diet (lots of meat, no grains, corn, dairy) – then when we worked out the allergies, she put me on a candida diet – (even more meat and no sugar anywhere.) This is when I got SOOOOOOOOO sick. I discovered raw foods because I could hardly keep my head up in the afternoons while I was working from home with an infant and a toddler. Raw foods helped to clear things up and release weight pretty quickly (all except those damned 20 lbs)

    When I moved to VT, I went to doing more localvore stuff and gained about 45+ lbs pretty darn quickly. Also started having terrible hormonal issues, anxiety, insomnia and wicked inflammation that led me to being immobile and in pain. I went back to solely raw and all those things cleared up.

    SOOOOOO, long story short: we are only acquaintances and there was no way of you knowing this information about me. To assume that I eat mostly sugar is to not know me at all.

    I’m very glad you found something that works for you. For me, that diet doesn’t work – does me more harm than good. I wasn’t actually writing about the DIET portion of my life – but the emotional/mental “hanging on” with regards to these 20 lbs. *sigh* that’s what I was trying to get across.

    I wrote about the fruit because for the last almost 12 years, because of the candida issue and then other books and other raw foodies and other people saying that fruit is so bad. I’m writing about my own decision to bring fruit back in here and there because I want to bust that story and myth – that is another “holding on” that I find myself doing…

  • I was just basing my response on your post and what you said you were eating …which is basically rice and fruit= sugar. Maybe if you can’t eat meat you can tolerate broths. Have you seen an acupuncturist? Maybe that can help the energetic shift. It sounds like there is has been a lot of rigidity imposed on your diet over the years. I was just trying to give some helpful input. Your post just screamed to me that you needed more animal fat…not coconut oil, nuts, and avocados. I have been all over the place with diet as well and there is not a one size fits all approach, for sure. Sounds like there are definite hormone issues- have you had your thyroid checked? I have a friend who is an excellent nutritionist if you would like her name.

  • well, perhaps it wasn’t read or written clearly enough. I don’t eat just fruit and rice!!! omg that almost made me have a good belly laugh… Can you reread please? I think something got missed…

    SO to answer:
    broths are fine but I DON’T WANT MEAT! Please no more posts about meat.

    Yes in my past I have been to: an acupuncturist, ayurvedic practitioner, TCM, chiropractor, massage, sound therapist as well as “talking therapy” to go over various food/emotion triggers of the past. I know a lot about homeopathy, herbs, flower essences and a myriad of other holistic/complimentary and integrative medicine. I am currently in a master’s program for holistic health.

    I don’t think I wrote this clearly enough: My history has a lot of emotional eating – please read BINGE eating. I don’t have a lot of dietary rigidity in my history! (Quite the contrary) I am saying that I am finally starting to deal with emotions vs. eating them and that’s why it’s been a strange and wonderful past nearly 12 years of seeing the habits, triggers, etc. I was put on allergy elimination and candida diets to try to help me about 12 years ago, but they ended up harming me more so I stopped them. That was probably a 2 month experience in the past 12 years. Raw food has mostly been about me finding a new way of eating that is helpful to healing a lot for my mind/body/spirit.

    I don’t eat a lot of coconut oil, other refined oils or avocados. I do eat some nuts but no where near what I used to. Interesting what is being assumed of my diet, here… I’m not even sure why I’m responding to all of this – I am trying to reach out on some level more than dietary here and yet the responses have been a lot about diet. After all these years, I’m coming to realize that this is more than the good food I eat.

    I get routine physicals every year or two where I get full blood tests including hormones, b12, vit D along with the regular stuff. Thyroids are very healthy – all my numbers are excellent – usually the response I have is how great and healthy I am. Nobody is upset about my extra 20 lbs except for me. My most recent blood test showed low testosterone/DHEA and that was all. (which I wrote about above) – follow up test shows that they are back to normal…

    OK! So, maybe we can talk about energetic qualities of HOLDING on to pounds – this is what I really REALLY wanted to talk about. Not meat, not anymore dietary SHOULDS, please… I don’t need them and I didn’t ask for them. Thanks and while I am adamant about the meat thing, I still do appreciate the feedback!

  • Hi Linda
    I just read it again and I see that you ate this
    4 ripe bananas
    3 mangoes
    4-5 honey dates
    1 blood orange
    That alone has almost 250 grams of net carbs= sugar. I would never be able to lose weight eating that much sugar, even if it is all from fruit.
    Add in-
    tempeh (about 4 g carbs and 8 g protein per oz..)
    and rice , which has about 45 g of carbs per cup and only anywhere from 5 g to 14g of protein.
    The carb to protein ration here would not allow me to lose weight- I would be gaining. The fact that I wasnt getting enough protein would have me craving sweets (like chocolate) I try to stay under 100g of carbs a day to lose weight, and not go over 120 or so to maintain. I try to eat at least 40 g of protein a day…sometimes more like 80 grams. When I was pregnant and mostly vegetarian, I had a hard time getting 40 grams…which I feel was ultimately detrimental to my health. I have spent several years rebuilding, learning, and breaking down my old thought patterns on what I thought was healthy. I am still learning, and always will be.
    Forgive me if I am not getting it all in regards to your post… I dont think I ever said “should” either. I’m basing my advice (which I felt your post asked for :-), on my own personal experience & education; as well as from working with many women over the years who have had ongoing health issues. Many times these issues stemmed from or were exacerbated by being vegetarian, vegan or raw foodists. I know this can be a passionate place to come from, and it is not my intention to offend you.
    I wish you good health and happiness!

  • Hi again!

    if you read this – you’d read that I didn’t eat the whole smoothie!!

    You’d also read that I don’t normally make this!!! WOW! What a disconnect we are having here. Is Mercury in retrograde or something? 🙂

    I have done allllllll these calorie testing things on – I do REALLY well with protein/fat/carbs – HONESTLY! Please stop gauging this one thing and base my whole diet on it! It’s difficult for me not to read this as assessing or judging based on very little information. You don’t know me or what I eat!!! What I’m hearing is concern based on your own experience but without really knowing me.

    I’ve been there and used to be so worried about protein. Couldn’t get enough of it. Thought the world might collapse or something silly (just kidding) if I didn’t get enough protein. I started doing fitday to really see that I get a lot of protein. If you’ve done raw foods, you know that there’s protein in just about everything: greens, grains, legumes, veggies – they all have protein. People in the US are not protein deficient!

    I asked in my post: “Let me know if you have similar experiences and what things work for you to get out of your own way to living your best healthy life.” – I was referring to energy and mind/spirit aspects of food – in fact I’m going back now to edit that in. I was not asking for a dietary assessment and I don’t want to keep going on with this. You don’t know me! Seriously! I hear that YOU had problems with raw foods and I hear that you know people that had issues with raw food. I’m glad you found what worked for you. I’m saying that what works for you doesn’t work for me. I’ve been there. I’ve done that. I got pretty darn sick doing it the way you’ve listed what my body “screaming for me to do.” These posts are not helpful to me, actually. I’ve had 12 years experience with this thus far and while I’m still learning, I definitely don’t want to impose that my way is the way to do things so I ask for the same courtesy. I tell people to learn to listen to their own bodies. I believe I’ve done very well for myself, all things considered. At this point, it seems pretty futile to continue on with this.

    If you really want to get to know me, how about tea sometime? That would actually feel better than what is happening here.

  • p.s. hemp seeds, chia seeds, sacha inchi seeds and rice protein powder are staples in my diet. It’s easy for me to get 40-70 grams of protein each day… easy peasy lemon squeezy


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