Nut Milk Bags Abound! Talking about VitaMix and our Nut Milk Bags

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Greetings! I’m back in the kick of keeping up with my blog. Keep your fingers crossed that I make a point to do this each day! If I keep it short and sweet, this will probably be the key to getting this done.

Today I wanted to send props out to the GREAT GREAT companies and people that are carrying our nut milk bags. As you may have understood from yesterday’s post, we’ve been selling our nylon 9 x 12 bags and 12 x 12 bags to Matt Monarch and his Raw Food World for a year or year and a half now which is totally RAWSOME!

We’ve got our bags out there to a lot of places and I’ll mention them each separately so’s I can give them their due. They are all great people and great companies. Today I’m talking about VitaMix.

Matt just sent me an email saying he finally found the link to our bags from the Vitamix website. YIPPEE! So I thought I’d post it for yas: – Makes sense the bags would be under the Accessories page! Here’s the direct link so’s you don’t have to scroll down and aggravate the carpal tunnel in your wrist! 🙂

VitaMix is my absolute favorite appliance. I use it every day. I sell the basic model because that’s what I use and love. I know people love the old ones they have and the even more fab new models. I haven’t met a person yet who has disliked their VitaMix. So we were totally pleased as punch to work with them!

If you’ve never used the VitaMix, you are totally missing out, man! Ask anyone who has finally decided to get one and they will tell you they don’t know why they’ve waited so long. You can grind up nuts and seeds – even small seeds like flax – into fine flours, you make the CREAMIEST of dressings and smoothies. The VitaMix masticates greens so it’s the only way to blend up greens. You can use the VitaMix along with our nut milk bags to make your own juices. You can use the VitaMix to make ice creams AND soups. If you keep the thing running for 4 minutes, you’ll boil whatever you have there in the pitcher so for raw food dudes, you run it for a minute to heat things up. Let’s see, what else does the VitaMix do – well, it won’t change the oil in your car but it’s my main tool that I use for everything I make in the raw world and it’s a quick way to make me my healthy meals. OH yes, I make fruit leathers with it, dressings, puddings, smoothies, crackers, shakes, ice creams, flours, pastes, pates, condiments, sauces, soups. I’ve even made skin care products with it – blends up the CREAMIEST moisturizers! VitaMix is the muscle car of blenders. Very powerful. LOVE IT.

SO YAY! Thanks Matt, for finding us on VitaMix! And YAY to VitaMix for their killer blender. Happy Day everyone!

Take care,


p.s. look at the new and improved V-Shape bag – it’s looks like our fair state so we are calling it the Vermonter!

Check out our NEW V-SHAPE BAG! We lovingly call it The Vermonter

Check out our NEW V-SHAPE BAG! We lovingly call it The Vermonter

SOME ADDITIONS: Added 8/14/09 – isn’t that cool? They included a little recipe in there for you!

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