observations of this switch up/change up thing thus far

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after a week of switching things up, I want to take a moment to think about what I’ve noticed and what I might to switch up even more this week. it’s a big experiment and I’m grateful to take the time to do this.

I notice that by day 6, I was not so hungry as I was previous days. Could be a part of my cycle and it could be that I’m still eating more fat than I really need to. I definitely notice that I’ve got an emotional connection to fat in food. Well, hell, I guess I have an emotional connection to eating in general! I mean, don’t we all? We have to eat to survive. But I notice that if I bring back grains to my life, I’ll start out really well, eating 1/2 cup and no more. Then something happens, I’ll get a little lazy or a little hungry and I’ll add a cup instead of 1/2 cup or I’ll go for seconds. Then I’ll read about how amazing brown rice is and will just go gangbusters! I used to make 1 lb brown rice (dry) to last for the whole week. We would go 7 days with it and in more recent times, the 1 lb dry brown rice after it was cooked would last us 3-4 days! (Granted it would also get put into the kids lunches) but this was surprising to me and I thought we were over consuming. Some days it would be gone in a little over 2 days and that’s just craziness!

So this week I’ll have to see if I can reduce the fat even more. **gulp**

It’s the dinners where we have the biggest habit of over eating. It’s the only meal that we typically share together and I am the kind of person that makes a lot of food in order to have some left over for the next day. This sort of invites overeating from the get go. The food always tastes great to the question of “Can I have seconds?” arises from the kids and I find myself thinking that too.

I would like to move more, too. I am finding that I’m both relaxed and energized this week and exercising helps me to use up some energy reserves so that I fall into a really good sleep. There were 2 days that I didn’t move much and sleeping those nights were not sound.

My body has felt pretty good this week so that is encouraging.

I noticed by day 6 and 7 that I was wanting more savory veggies than fruit, particularly in the evening. This is what happens, I’ve noticed, even when I do juice fasts. The sweetness at first is excellent and then I want less sweet. So it will be interesting to see how this week goes.

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2 Responses to “observations of this switch up/change up thing thus far”

  • It sounds like you’re really listening to your body, that’s wonderful! When you look back at your diary entries over this period of time, do you see any shifts that jump out at you? Things you noticed and wrote about, that you can now connect to a larger connection?

    It’s not just an emotional connection to fat — it’s a biological one. Our bodies are primed to want to hoard it because fat is more sustaining during times when food is scarce (back when people were hunters/gatherers). That part of the brain unfortunately hasn’t adjusted to the abundance we’re so lucky to have now, and so it’s naturally compelling to want lots of satiating foods.

  • I don’t often read over my diary entries but when I do, I get a good perspective on things for sure. It usually helps to read months or years later, too. I found a journal that I kept when pregnant with Sam. I was very interested reading that. SO many patterns that I’ve fallen into and began years ago. Very insightful!

    It’s true that we are hard wired to fatty foods and sugar, too. It’s a biological need for sure and particularly close to my period! LOL


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