sea chi skin care

Sea Chi is one of my favorite skin care lines. I’ve never been so thrilled to use such silky and glorious products. I find them to be worth the money: a little goes a long way. One 4 oz jar of the Sea Chi Creme lasted about 8-9 months for me… so really, that’s a pretty darn cheap product. These products are all of the highest quality and my skin feels like it eats them up. I am the type of person that can use just about any product on my hands and feet but I am quite particular about what I use on my body and I’m downright sensitive with what I can use for my face. I’ve tried lots of products – some organic, expensive and biodynamic herbal ones and while they are beautiful, my face would break out when I used them. So who wants to spend all kinds of money for something that makes your skin break out? Someone recommended this Sea Chi Creme to me and I was hesitant to blow another 50 bucks on a jar of lotion. But it was around Mother’s Day and I bought myself a lovely gift. I opened the jar and smelled the lotion. It’s a very lovely smell. It’s gentle and not overpowering at all. I put a dab on my finger and it felt like liquid silk. Then I rubbed a bit on my face and was surprised how very little covered my whole face. My skin felt quite happy to receive this and I love that it’s like food for my face. I love kombucha and love that the sea chi products have kombucha in them.

Sea Chi Creme is so light that it doesn’t feel like enough for my face when we’re having our Vermont winters with all the dryness and cold. So for about six months out of the year, I use some drops of Living Libations oils to help make the lotion more yummy for my skin. I have only the best things to say about Sanandra and her skin care line. She knows what she’s doing.

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