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Organic/Unpasteurized Almonds

All our flavored and unflavored almonds are made with
organic/unpasteurized almonds! Did you know that all almonds grown in
California and the U.S are now pasteurized- that is why we import our
Certified Organic almonds from Europe-be wary of buying any almond
(organic) from California as it may be pasteurized!

large, flat almonds are more crunchy and flavorful than the normal
American kind. They are smoother and juicier with an incomparably sweet
delicate taste- Many people prefer them to American almonds because they
have more of an almond flavor.

Truly Raw, Unpasteurized,
Certified Organic Almonds from Europe. We import our almonds from
Europe. The almonds are very different from domestically grown American
almonds. The genetics of these original old world almonds are the
closest thing available to heirloom almonds. American or California
almonds are down bred hybridized versions of these original genetics.
The flavor of the almonds between these two different countries is very
distinct. California almonds are bigger and more bland with a very weak
almond flavor. Old world almonds have a much stronger almond extract
flavor. Some of the almonds, like maybe one out of a hundred, will have a
bitter flavor. This is totally natural and our suppliers have assured
us that these ones have a higher antioxidant and nutritional value.

Ingredients: 100% Raw, Unpasteurized Certified Organic Almonds

Some people are under the assumption that all foods that are imported
into the US must be irradiated or pasteurized. This is simply not true.
The only reason that customs will irradiate organic food is if there is
something to suggest the need for it ie: pathogen, mold, bug
infestation, etc. Then, customs will contact us because we are
responsible to pay for the irradiation, under which case we will deny
the shipment and the eat the cost. That is why we are very strict with
our suppliers in making sure that they send us the highest quality
product possible.

These almonds are also all certified organic by the USDA and MOFGA.

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