Hazelnut Chocolate BLISS balls


Medicinal Healing – SHAMAN POWER BALLS

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Product Description

Smooth, creamy, melt-in-your mouth RAW Hazelnut Chocolate BLISS. I was going to make my very delicious GODDESS BUTTER but was out of raw almond butter so created these instead. They are a great compliment to the GOD BUTTER I make so try with them if you’d like! I feel Divinely serene when I eat just a little bit of this BLIS

What makes up these Hazelnut Chocolate BLISS balls:
RAW hazelnut butter, RAW Cacao powder, RAW cacao butter, and sweetened slightly with VT maple syrup.

What these Hazelnut Chocolate BLISS balls taste and feel like:
The combination of Hazelnut and Chocolate is a dreamy one – this food MELTS in your mouth and I recommend taking small bites and savoring. (That is what Cacao God asked me to offer as a recommendation for his big MEDICINE power.)

Invite the medicine from Cacao by asking first if this is needed for you at the moment. If the answer is yes, then take a small bit and rest the cacao BLISS on your tongue. Feel it melt in your mouth and taste all the qualities as the flavors mix together of hazelnut, cacao, and maple syrup. Simple ingredients, but powerful taste. Joyful. Uplifting. Smooth. Serene. Thank you Cacao God for your amazing plant medicine.

These Hazelnut Chocolate BLISS balls are free from:
dairy, gluten, corn, soy, refined anything.


Shipping details:
I will package up and ship anywhere in the US for $6.25. If you live outside the US, please expect higher shipping cost. I will ship only via USPS priority mail or equivalent in order to keep the ship times short. (Please note: if you are ordering other items, I will ship via the fastest and most cost-efficient way. I will utilize Regional rates and Flat rate choices if need be.)

These will be bagged at 4-6 balls/bag, depending on size.




Who am I?

I am a Shamanic Practitioner, Artist, Wellness teacher/coach and Healer living my BLISS here in Burlington, VT. I am a mother of 2 and my passions include: silk painting, cooking/UNcooking, holistic health, yogaaaah, deity/archetype study, watercolor, acrylic, CACAO, mindfulness, meditation, the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine (to name a few!) I am 47 years young and my mission is to live/create/serve/support our most JUICY of lives. I consider myself a life doula and a death doula as well. I have worked in the capacity of health/healing in a wide array of dis-eases in body, mind, and emotions since 2006 (although my own journey to health and wellness began in 1995, shortly after my mother passed away from cancer.)


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