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Raw Irish Moss

What Gelatin is to “Jell-O”, Raw Irish Moss is to Pudding, Cream
Pie, Meringue, Whipped Cream, Salad Dressing, Smoothies, Sauces,
anything you could want a stable-liquid form for! While gelatin is an
animal-derived protein, Irish Moss contains a polysaccharide (a natural
form of sugar) which, when thoroughly blended, also disperses
throughout a liquid to create a semi-solid structure. In fact, the
carageenan found in Irish Moss is used by the mainstream food industry
to make jellies, ice creams, dressings and other foods!

In addition to its functional benefits, Raw Irish Moss is an excellent
source of minerals. This almost-tasteless seaweed is loaded with
life-enhancing nutrients such as sulphur compounds, protein, iodine,
bromine, beta-carotene, calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese,
phosphorus, potassium, selenium, zinc, pectin, B-vitamins and vitamin

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