VT Fiddle Heads scoop neck women’s short sleeve t – org. cotton


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Organic Cotton, low impact dyed short sleeve tee with a fun fiddle heads design! Comes in sizes Small, Medium, Large or Xtra-Large for women and colors Charcoal, Slate Blue or Salsa Red.

So why did we pick the name VT Fiddle Heads?
Well, it’s a silly sounding name, for one, and whatever we do has to be
fun. Also, we have fiddlehead ferns growing everywhere around here. Fiddleheads are like sacred cows here in New England. They only grow for 2 weeks or so out of the year. They are wild edibles (well, some of them are.) For
those of you who don’t know what fiddlehead ferns look like, here’s
another image for you:

fiddlehead fern

Aren’t they so cute? They have a swirling spiral head and was the obvious inspiration for our logo:

fiddle heads logo

love fiddle heads! I want to be a fiddle head! Some people eat fiddlheads
raw but mostly they are cooked or pickled. I love the irony of that,
don’t you? A raw food place called Fiddle Heads! To me, it also implies
music and art (artsy fartsy like me) and so it was an easy pick for a name.

When I designed the tee shirt, I wanted to make the logo really showy. I didn’t want to just stick the logo on the
tee shirt, I wanted to have fun. So I made the tee shirt sing a bit.
Don’t you agree?

It was definitely a fun little graphics project for me to play with!

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Weight 0.875 lbs

Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large


Charcoal, Slate Blue, Salsa Red


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