Pros and cons of using hemp and nylon

We tend to get this question often enough so we thought it would be good to have a page devoted to it. On this page, you’ll find information on the pros and cons of using hemp vs. nylon so you can make up your mind as to which will work best for you…

hemp vs. nylon – nylon vs. hemp
With regards to the nut milk bags, it’s really your choice as to what will work best for you. The nylon material is a thinner fabric so it dries faster and filters faster than the hemp. The nylon bags that we make are constructed to be very durable and we test them to make sure they won’t tear like other nylon bags do. Nylon is a manmade product and because of that we wanted to make a bag from renewable material. The hemp bag is very durable, “green” and hemp has a natural mildew-resistant quality about it. It is a heavier material and therefore filters a and dries bit slower than the nylon. The hemp is a much better bag, in my opinion, for sprouting than the nylon – I personally have this thing about wanting to use glass, stainless steel, ceramic or the hemp to sprout…

So there you see: there are pluses and minuses to both. We make great products and keep getting feedback as such. Even the hemp reusable tea bags are getting really good feedback. It’s really a matter of preference. A lot of cafes/restaurants like the nylon because it is faster to use. A lot of stores and–in general–most raw food dudes like the hemp because it fits more in with our life style. I personally use and love both bags equally the same. This is why we carry many sizes/styles in 2 materials. Choices. 🙂

We have ALSO made special sizes and shapes for people to do special things. To date, people have used our nylon bags in apple cider presses, nylon and hemp bags for making tempeh, hemp bags and nylon bags for sprouting HUGE quantities of sprouts, and hemp bags for brewing beer.

Pros of our nylon bags:
• nylon is a thin mesh material perfect for filtering
• nylon dries very fast
• our bags are specially designed and sewn to be reinforced for strength and durability

Cons of nylon:
• nylon is a man-made material
OTHER nylon nut milk bags tear easily and seams can easily split

Pros of our hemp material:
• hemp is a eco-sustainable, natural material
• hemp has a natural mildew-resistent quality
• hemp is inherently sturdy
• the material we use is thinner than other hemp materials, lightweight and has a wider mesh

Cons of hemp:
• thicker material when compared to nylon
• dries slower than the nylon
OTHER hemp nut milk/sprouting bags use the typical “burlap” thick hemp material that are too small to sprout and too tight to filter well

So how do you use these nut milk bags, anyway?

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