the hours they are a changing…

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Wanted to post up the hours here from the cafe page. I’m trying to update the FB page but there is seeming to be a problem with that edit link. Hope it gets resolved so I don’t confuse anyone.

I updated the menu on that page while I was at it:

Our hours are:
Tuesday: 12 – 6
Wednesday: 12 – 6
Thursday: 12 – 6
Friday: 12 – 6
Saturday: 12 – 4

Come in for:

  • juices – made with many local ingredients and always organic
  • smoothies – made with many local ingredients and always organic
  • elixirs and herbal products – both local and extended local
  • hot teas, cacao & coffee
  • cacao (raw chocolate) – big selection of raw chocolate products
  • lunch (weekly specials)
  • WiFi
  • bulk foods (nuts, seeds & way more) –
  • both local and extended local
  • bulk herbs (medicinal, chinese, ayurvedic, culinary)
  • prepared foods to go
  • house special fermented foods (kim chi, sauerkraut, kombucha, kefir soda)
  • superfoods
  • books
  • DVDs
  • artsy-fartsy stuff – both local and extended local
  • soaps, lotions, oils – both local and extended local
  • candles – both local and extended local
  • incense
  • essential oils
  • jewelry made by Worcester’s own Dryad Design, Paul Borda!
  • household products
  • gifts
  • and lots lots more

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