this week’s specials are up! come in and enjoy some good eats

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our cafe

Fiddle Heads Cafe! We are finally open!

If you’d like to place an order, please call it in at 802-223-2111 or email us here. Thank you!

Our Specials this week are:

Lunch Items


Good EFAs Milky Shake – $5.75/ 16 ounce

banana, coconut milk, sprouts, chia seeds, water, agave


Pink Smoothie (Calcium Rich) – $5.75/ 16 ounce

banana, strawberries or raspberries, sprouts, lemon juice, raw tahini, raw agave, filtered water


Chocolate Smoothie (Calcium/Magnesium Rich) – $5.75/ 16 ounce banana, blackberries, sprouts, vanilla, raw tahini, raw cacao powder, raw agave, water


Green Smoothie (Calcium, Potassium, EFAs) – $5.75/ 16 ounce banana, berries, green sprouts, VitaMineral Green, chia seeds, raw agave, water


My Favorite Juice

12. oz. 16 oz.

$5.75 $6.75

carrots, apple, ginger, green leafies, lemon


Get Your Brain On Juice

12. oz. 16 oz.

$6.255 $7.255

carrots, apples, Brain On E3 Live shot


HEAVENLY Layered Cake – $4.00/ slice

walnuts, raw cacao powder, cashews, almond butter, coconut oil, agave, avocados, vanilla, orange oil, filtered water



The Dipsters – $6.00/ plate – all organic!

Choice of Dipsters: Italian Garden Cheeze and Cheddary Cheeze. Ginger Crackers will be what you use to do the dippin’! ginger crackers: flax seeds, bragg’s liquid aminos, ground ginger, garlic powder


RAWsome Wrap – $7.00/ 2 wraps – all organic!

Pick your potion: Italian Garden Cheeze or Cheddary Cheeze. The wrap is kale or collard leaves.

The filling: dollop of your choice of salad or cheeze, house kim chi, carrots, sprouts, dulse and some of the best black olives ever.

RAWsome Wrap Sandwich


Ingredients of the Cheezes

Italian Garden Cheeze: sundried tomatoes, red bell pepper, carrot, cashews, lemon juice, olive oil, garlic, onion, agave, sea salt, italian seasoning.

Cheddary Cheeze: raw cashews, red bell pepper, lemon juice, water, nutritional yeast, raw tahini, garlic, onion, sea salt

inside the cafe

YIPPEE!! Our hours are:

Tuesday – Friday from 10 am until 6 pm
Saturday from noon until 4 pm

Come in for:

  • juices – made with many local ingredients and always organic
  • smoothies – made with many local ingredients and always organic
  • elixirs and herbal products – both local and extended local
  • hot teas, cacao & coffee
  • cacao (raw chocolate) – big selection of raw chocolate products
  • lunch (weekly specials)
  • WiFi
  • bulk foods (nuts, seeds & way more) –
  • both local and extended local
  • bulk herbs (medicinal, chinese, ayurvedic, culinary)
  • prepared foods to go
  • house special fermented foods (kim chi, sauerkraut, kombucha, kefir soda)
  • superfoods
  • books
  • DVDs
  • artsy-fartsy stuff – both local and extended local
  • soaps, lotions, oils – both local and extended local
  • candles – both local and extended local
  • incense
  • essential oils
  • jewelry made by Worcester’s own Dryad Design, Paul Borda!
  • household products
  • gifts
  • and lots lots more

Let me make you a green smoothie!

Eco-Happy Packaging in the store and when we ship!

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