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Vermont Fiddle Heads was founded in 2006 to create a sustainable and easy way to help people make healthier choices. As part of this mission, we designed a filtering nut milk bag that could last for years. Originally the nut milk bag was created with nylon, but it has since been made in organic hemp and muslin as well. The bags are versatile and have many uses, including: nut/seed milk, yogurts, cheeses, jams, juices, sprouting, beer, wine, tea, tinctures, coffee, and even to hold produce! Just like they were in the beginning, our bags are still lovingly handmade here in Vermont!

Lovingly Hand-Made Filtration Bags for All of your Home and Commercial Kitchen Needs. Original nut milk bags.

Vermont Fiddle Heads sells quality, organic hemp and muslin filtration bags to a global market consisting of DIYers, families, restaurants, schools, distributors, and stores since 2006. We offer retail, wholesale, and distributor pricing.

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Organic Hemp Bags

We've been making these bags since 2006!  


The Rectangle nylon was our first bag back in 2006! We created...