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breathwork, wow, it's more than just breathing!

Holy cow! Today I did a little breathwork session with Sandra Denner. She is hosting a breathwork intensive in June here in Worcester and asked if I wanted to have a little taste of what is going to occur. I agreed and she came to my house today for said taste. She was describing what I was going to do... "Breathe heavy and hard for an hour" is what I thought and then said, "Well, that's more of a meal than a taste, Sandra!" :-) But I'm open and I laid down on the table and I started breathing the way she showed me.

This, I have to say, is way more intense and profound than any meditating. When I was in labor with my second child, I had my first awakening to my chakras. I felt my subtle self - tingling in my face and hands and feet. I felt so alive and blissed out. I asked the nurse about the tingling sensations and she and the doctor said, "well, if you had an epidural, we'd be worried right now but you are going au natural, so if you don't mind it, we say go for it."

Ever since that birth experience with my daughter, I would have these kind of spontaneous awakenings here and there. I couldn't control them. Sometimes they'd happen while driving and I actually gave up driving for a while because I didn't want to alarm anyone (mainly my kids.) I just figured this was part of my journey, part of the changes I've had in my body since childbirth and more intensely since the age of 35. I tried asking various doctors and people and they all had similar responses. I went to a 2 week shamanic intensive with journeying for 6 hours a day and I journeyed through one of these experiences. I'll have to write about that later but I'll just say that I'm getting more and more accepting of these things that happen.

Anyway, I'm on the table and I'm breathing like Sandra demonstrated I should. I start thinking, "I hope the hour goes by fast." And within minutes I'm feeling the tingling of my whole body. She asks me if any thought is popping up but it's more just the feelings that I feel. I'm experiencing the whole thing and following my breath. The tingling sensations are getting super strong and intense. My ears are buzzing. I feel like a tuning fork. I feel like I've got electrical currents going through my body.

At one point, there are some super stiff parts of my body happening - my hands are super stiff. My knees are super stiff. I'm just breathing through them as these intense feelings of buzzing is going through me. Sandra tells me to "keep breathing, I'm doing great." These are stuck patterns that I need to breathe out of me. OK, I'll keep breathing. I'm sort of feeling very similar feelings to when I was giving birth to both my kids. The feeling of intense energy and needs to release, exhale, breathe, moan and whatever else. The stiffness in my hands and feet goes away and I'm breathing again and feeling the buzz buzz buzzing all over. It is a part of me and outside of me. I don't seem to feel the room or the outside anymore. It's all seeming to be the same thing.

So I think, "OK, I can roll like this for a while. It's intense but I feel very alive. I'm giving birth again. I did that for 8 hours, I can do this for an hour." And then wouldn't you know it, another wave came over me. This time I saw my skeleton. I felt as if I was being held on my head and neck and it was dark. There was no light that I could see from my eyes, even while shut, I could only see blackness. It was a deep dark fear I was clearly working through. "Keep breathing, you are taking very courageous breaths," Sandra said. So I'm breathing and I'm breathing and it is heavy and intense and I'm now feeling like I don't care if it takes hours, I'm going to breath until this dark shit goes away. Now I'm on a mission! So I'm breathing and breathing and I'm focusing on my breath instead of the darkness and the skeleton I see. Wow, this was an amazing trip!

Eventually, I felt like I literally labored through that one. I was definitely reminded of giving birth, except I thankfully don't remember any dark skeletons during any of my kids' labors! LOL I can only describe this feeling as being intensely in one's body, feeling every bit of energy in and around me. It's really an amazing feeling. So this feeling goes away and I'm left with an even wider open space inside me. Just breathing breathing breathing. I am back to seeing colors even with my eyes shut. I always see colors when I meditate and journey and stuff so this is normal for me. I am feeling very trippy and groovy in all good ways. I have had this feeling many times before, in meditation, etc. It's a down right amazing feeling. It's intense for sure. I am still buzz buzz buzzing all in my hands, my ears, my body, my chakras, my feet, my everything. It feels like I'm feeling the energy in the whole of the earth.

Of course I went through another wave, although not as intense, but it was a feeling of being held a bit on my head. This was not an upsetting feeling and I breathed through it and more opening occurred. Now I'm in total bliss out land. I love it here and yet I'm also saying that it must be about time to end. Sure enough, Sandra says, "five more minutes." So I'm breathing and breathing and breathing and I'm just purely experiencing the feelings of being in me, of being in my body. Thank goodness there wasn't more visions, I think I had enough sensations for a Monday morning.

So OK, now it was time to relax my breath. I'm slowing down my breath and I'm relaxing. Now my body is shaking like an animal for what felt like 20-30 minutes or so. I just lay there until all the shaking was done. I'm used to the shaking too. It happened after panic attacks a long time ago and I finally got to a place where I just took it to be an animal response to "shake off" a fear. I even read a year or so ago about this as a healthy way to get rid of fears and traumas, so YAY ME for just being ok with it even before I saw it in print. Again, I'm grateful not too many people see it because I'm sure it would worry them. But I'm fine. I always feel quite fine when the shaking off happens. And Sandra was also OK with the shaking off. She said it was normal to have this happen. How nice to be validated.

So that was my breathwork experience this morning! I feel really really good. I'm of course now wondering if I'll be able to attend the intensive that she's having in June. I'll post it up soon so that you and I know the details. :-) I'm really grateful for the experience. It was hella intense but most things worth doing take some effort! Thank you Sandra for coming over today and sharing this with me. It's quite a phenominal experience.

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newsletter dated 3/5/09 - March comes in like a lion and goes out like mud... plus new dehydrators, books, workshops and more

Greetings good people! Happy March! I don't know what March is like for you but it's the most intense month here in VT. Usually by March, people are pretty antsy for the snow and cold to end. We get more bright sunny days which further make us wait with anticipation warmer temperatures. And then things turn to mud so we'll get mud season soon and then it will be black fly time, etc. VTers are cute to have celebrations for such things. The seasons are serious business here! :-) Today I'm working on sorting out the archived recipes so be on the look out to more easily look up the recipes on my site. We are also adding more products as well. Please be sure to check the new products page regularly as we are trying like the dickens to get things up: - (As per usual, I have way more products in house than what is listed on the website. We are working to make the two more synchronous.) We also made deliveries to Hunger Mountain and Sweet Clover TODAY so please get your raw treats while the gettin is good! I'll be making a delivery to Healthy Living on Monday. Please check out our Facebook page! Become a fan and check out photos, events and notes. MM-kay? ++++++++++++++++++++++++++
++++++++++++++++++ RAW FOOD HAPS THIS WEEK AND BEYOND • Tuesday, March 10th from 5:30 - 7:30 - Healing Cancer From Inside Out, Part Two. This is part two of an award-winning two-hour film (part one shown previously). Part 2, Healing Cancer, shows how cancer can be successfully healed with dietary treatments and natural supplementation. It explains common misconceptions about cancer, shows how diets designed to fight cancer are more successful than conventional treatments, discusses startling cancer research findings with T. Colin Campbell (The China Study) and has interviews with people who have reversed cancers using diet. It also discusses supplementation and why attitude is important in reversing not only cancer, but any disease.We'll have some raw treats to eat while we watch this important film. Please pre-register with Krystal or Robin at or call them at 802-223-8004 x 204. Cost is $5 for members and $7 for non-members. I'm going to be serving green smoothies to drink while we watch Part 2. • Raw food deliveries have been made to Hunger Mountain Coop, Sweet Clover Market today and will be made to Healthy Living this coming Monday. So get your VT Fiddle Head raw food goodies while the gettin' is good. • Different varieties of my raw food has been a part of the local food order since January. This is a local group so if you are in the Montpelier area and are interested in local food, herbal remedies and crafts, please check with Montpelier Commonshare to be a part of this wonderful group. I'm having fun with some MYSTERY BOXES! Yes, i do mystery boxes - didn't you know? I LOVE them. Ask me how to get a box for yourself! • Tuesday, March 24th from 6:30 - 7:30 - Raw Food Quiche Workshop. Several of you have asked for it, so here it is. Join me for a fun hour as we learn how to make a delicious live food quiche which can be eaten any time of the day. Please pre-register with Krystal or Robin at or call them at 802-223-8004 x 204. Cost is $10 for members and $12 for non-members. • Fiddle Heads House Kim Chi is available and is delicious - made with local & organic: cabbages, turnips, shallots, leeks, carrots, radishes, garlic, fresh ginger and lots of love. This is hella good kim chi and it's pretty too - it's pink! (which is why it is the house blend) Comes in quart sizes and larger. $9.00/quart. Please contact me if you are interested in getting some. I'm also taking orders for Dill and Caraway Sauerkraut. This takes a month to make but worth the wait! Here's what someone has recently said about my kim chi: "Just so you know, I have been trying the different kim-chi month by month and by far prefer yours, so I am already ordering some! And yes, it is pretty - that is red cabbage, yes? As opposed to beets?" Thank you! And no, no beets were harmed in the making of this kim chi! hahaha (see the other great feedback on the kim chi ABOVE!) go on, read it again. It'll make you smile like it does me! :-) • gRAWnola available and is delicious - made with all organic ingredients: apples, hazelnuts, sprouted buckwheat, soaked pumpkin seeds, dates, cranberries, dry coconut, agave, vanilla, cinnamon, lemon juice, and Celtic sea salt. Can purchase in 8 oz and 1 lb bags. Please contact me if you are interested in getting some. • savory dill & fennel sauerkraut crackers available and are delicious - made with all organic ingredients: golden flax seeds and local cabbage turned into sauerkraut, dill seeds, fennel seeds, celery seeds, Celtic sea salt. Can purchase in 4 and 8 oz bags. Please contact me if you are interested in getting some. • our downloadable recipe book: over 70 smoothie, juices and soup recipes: - I've already started another in the series. Be on the look out for the breakfast recipes e-book! • NEW IN STOCK: Books and audio books by Dr. Joel Furhman as well as heavy duty 9-tray dehydrators in white. I have been reading up on Dr. Furhman's work and while he doesn't advocate 100% raw, he's a BIG proponent of majority raw food and vegan food. I am really liking what he has to say and it is helping me to really understand my own eating patterns better. My friend Gina gave me his book to read and I instantly felt a big YES about it so I am now going to carry some of his products. I also have some heavy-duty 9 tray dehydrators for sale as well as the kind that we have been used to. I always think it's good to have some options! Please contact me if you are interested in getting any of these items. With everything we sell, items can be picked up or I can mail them to you. ALSO IN STOCK: Fruits of the Earth superfood powder, Maca Force Vanilla Spice, really raw oats, raw nori sheets, chia seeds, turkish mulberries, dandy blend, wasabi powder, kelp noodles, dandelion leek miso by south river, garlic red pepper miso by south river, Eating for Beauty by David Wolfe, Naked Chocolate by David Wolfe and Shazzie, Sun Warrior Biofermented Rice Protein powder (in natural and chocolate flavors), marine phytoplankton, lucuma powder, yacon slices, really raw cashews, artisana coconut butter, tibetan goji berries and Vitamix pitcher replacements. If you have an old vitamix blender, you might want to consider a new plastic pitcher to replace the one that was made with bpa plastic - it also comes with a new lid that stays on so your hand doesn't have to rest on top when you blend. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ INTERESTING THINGS TO READ • - "A new report released by the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurement reveals that Americans' exposure to radiation has increased more than 600 percent over the last three decades. Most of that increase has come from patients' exposure to radiation through medical imaging scans such as CT scans and mammograms." (click on the link to read more.) • - "Alice Waters and Obama's 'Kitchen' Cabinet" (thanks Pat for sending fun stuff to read! ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ AND NOW FOR THAT RECIPE My breakfast So it's March and it feels like I want some oranges. Who knows, maybe the orange color makes me think I'm getting some sunshine somehow. YAY for sunshiney oranges! 1 head romaine 1 orange 1 cup blueberries 1 cup strawberries 2 Tbsp chia seeds lots of filtered water Blend with lots of filtered water. This fills the whole pitcher. Matt and I each had a quart of smoothie which is filling and DEEE-I-LICIOUS! Feel free to substitute your favorite greens in place of the romaine. Feel free to add a stalk of celery to the mix. YUM! I'm going to do that for lunch! :-) For many people new to green smoothies, using romaine gets them used to the "green taste." Remember that having smoothies gives you wonderful FIBER! Yay for FIBER! Hint for parents: Give a green smoothie to your kids to sneak in more greens. My daughter grows tired of having to have salads all the time. So I make her fruit and green leafie smoothies and she's very happy. She's also drinking WAY more greens than she could eat. ____________________ My lunch 1 head red leaf lettuce 2 stalks celery 1 1/2 cups strawberries 1 orange drizzle agave filtered water Blend with lots of filtered water. This again filled the pitcher. I am using the greens that I have in the fridge however I want you to remember to rotate the kinds of greens you have. I'm basically filling up on these and having small portions of other things that are not as power packed with fiber, water, vitamins and minerals. Believe me, you can really fill up on these smoothies! I'm totally loving having oranges with my greens. YUM YUM! ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Have a great week and please contact me for information or other raw goodies (both bulk and prepared.) in joy and in health, Linda Vermont Fiddle Heads 18 Worcester Village Road Worcester, VT 05682 802-223-2111 802-408-1000 (fax)
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