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Hello good Fiddle Heads people!

How are you all doing? How is the new year going for you? I'm enjoying the new year a lot. We are doing new things and having fun. The kids are home now for child-led learning and so far, it's GREAT GREAT GREAT! I also did my holiday letter yesterday (finally) and it was lovely to put photos together highlighting the last year. I'll post a link to it soon.

We had a lovely introductory raw foods class this past Friday. It was great meeting people who are in various stages of experimenting with raw foods and already feeling a positive difference. This Friday the 13th (oo! Friday the 13th!) we'll have the secondary class. More details below (keep reading & scrolling.)

We are also experimenting with the idea of moving to a TO GO only menu during the winter months. We'll have a limited menu and TO GO items that are either pre-packaged or can be measured out in 1/4 lb, 1/2 lb and 1lb increments. You can still purchase things like onion bread, sunshine salad, other spreads and crackers, etc but dining in for wraps and drinks and desserts will come back in the spring. If you have any questions, please give us a call at 802-279-3481 and we'll explain.

Last week I very excitedly told you about the article that was written about us for Hippocrates magazine. (LK Walker wrote this *wonderful* article for us. Thank you Lauren!) You can download the magazine here. And if you want your very own subscription, please go to Hippocrates and sign up with them for a subscription.

    • Level 2 is scheduled for Jan 13th from 12 - 6 - this class goes more into the dehydrating and sprouting to mimic the cooked foods that we are all so used to eating. This class takes you further into the why's and how's of raw and living foods. What happens as you are on this diet short term and long term and how to make this work within your lifestyle.  Again, we'll be sampling food so come ready for good eats! Cost is $150 for this class. Please contact us if you want to sign up!

      For this class, you'll receive handouts so bring a pen so you can make notes. Recipes will be provided as well as some other information for you.
    • I have scheduled a free film screening of Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. The first one was a great success so we're scheduling again for January 16th at 5:30 pm at Hunger Mountain Coop. Sign up with them to register. This is an AMAZINGLY inspirational film (one that got us to do a 10 day juice fast back in August) - the only thing unpleasant about this film is the name. :-)

Please contact me if you'd like to join us for more raw food classes.

Be sure to check us on the web as we have lots of new products online and in the store, too, always. We've posted up a few new items!

Sending you all love and new year hugs! <3 <3 <3

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