Movie on Monday, Farmers Market on Saturday...

Hello there Lovies!
Wanted to give you some reminders for the week here! As usual, we've got lots of things going on at Fiddle Heads.

First, a screening of one of my favorite films: Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. Please come and see it and be inspired to take your health into your own hands.

Finally, I'll be having a table at the Montpelier Farmer's Market! Please come for some raw vegan treats! I'll be having some raw ranch (local) kale chips, spirulina creamsicle kale chips, cheezy cauliflower snacks, truffles and some raw local lunches for sale during the Farmer's Markets!

Be sure to check us on the web as we have lots of new products online and in the store, too, always. We've posted up a few new items!

Thank you for your RAWsome time and energy! Please contact me for information or other raw goodies (both bulk and prepared.) Check out our website - we're always updating it:

In joy and in health,


Please check out our Facebook page: -  Become a fan and check out photos, events and notes. MM-kay?

P.S. Keep checking back on the shop. Adding products as we speak!
Please contact me if you are interested in getting any of these items.

With everything we sell, items can be picked up or I can mail them to you.

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