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Hello Fiddle Heads People!

It's starting to get chilly here and I'm getting my creative juices flowing.

I wanted to let you know about a new lil column that I'm doing. I receive a lot of questions via email and so I thought it would be fun to have an "Ask Linda" column. Here's the first entry. There's a recipe along with it, too. This column is a part of the Raw New England Community newsletter that is chock full of great information and workshops/classes.

And speaking of classes! Please contact me if you'd like to join us in the Level 1 raw food class scheduled on Saturday, from noon until 5 pm. Cost is $100.00. Come with an empty belly because we make and eat food all day. (Here's a sweet sweet testimonial on my classes: "Thank you so much! The class today was so awesome! Me and my mom think you are the coolest ever! You got my mom wanting to drink green smoothies and make raw chocolate desserts! That's what I've been trying to get her to do for 2 years and you did it in one day! You are a superhero! Thank you! I love you!")

We are now selling our incredibly YUMMLY raw vegan ice cream at Healthy Living in South Burlington. Scroll down to see a photo below. Please visit their ice cream section for REALLY raw ice cream that tastes amazing!

I'm doing a new column called ASK LINDA. Please send me your questions!

We're doing a massive order for VitaMix this and next month! We are so super grateful to have incredible wholesale and retail customers. (Please see the nut milk bag feedback below! So sweet!)

It's so nice to share some of the sweet things we receive. These are nice lovelies I wanted to share with you about our nut milk filtering bags:
"I've been spreading the word on the bags and you're right about it being easier than having a big old juicer." – Alex

"We love the hemp nut milk bags we ordered a couple of weeks ago so much we want to send one to my parents! Thanks for such a great product :) – Sarah"
Thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback. We love and appreciate it fully!

This recipe comes to you from my friend Stacy Stowers. Stacy travels as a personal Raw Food Chef to families across our country....think "Super Nanny" meets Whole Food Nutrition! I'm going to be featuring her on my FB page each week so be on the look out for that! I think she's doing great things! I also am including a link to reach her if you'd like to have a personal chef come to your home...

The Happy Shake - serves 1
by Stacy Stowers

1. The BASE:

3-4 cups fresh spinach.....GREEN is Glorious!
1/2 cup liquid.....water, juice, nut milk. it's your choice...
1Tbsp coconut oil...good fat won't make you fat! This is essential for a healthy happy body, keeping you satisfied and metabolizing the spinach.
1Tbsp Hemp Seed....protien! This can be spinkled in after blending if you prefer.

2. The "HAPPY" Part:

1/2-1Tbsp Maca....for staminia, endurance, mental clarity and peak sexual performance for both men and women
1Tbsp Raw Cacao (Raw Chocolate)...in it's Raw state chocolate is actually a valuable potent super-food loaded with nutrients and neuro-peptides very similar to the ones our bodies create when we are in LOVE!
1Tbsp a super GREEN RAW powder....GREEN is highly alkalizing. This is crucial! Very important for wieght management and longevity!
1 Tbsp bee pollen (can be sprinkled on top at the end.)

I package and bring the "Happy" part on the road with me for my families. You can also get your super foods from my super friend Linda Mahns at vt-fiddle.com. Meet Linda right here on Face Book!!!

3. Add your favorite frozen fruit......bananas, berries, mango, papaya.

4. BLEND!!!!!......this is the"sludge"

Now go out and have the Best DAY Ever!!!!

Thank you for your RAWsome time and energy! Please contact me for information or other raw goodies (both bulk and prepared.)

In joy and in health,


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