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HEMP OVAL - Organic Hemp Reusable Filtering Bag for Nut Milks / Juicing / Sprouting

HEMP OVAL - Organic Hemp Reusable Filtering Bag for Nut Milks / Juicing / Sprouting

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Organic Hemp - High-quality nut milk / juicing / sprouting / filtering / straining bags. This is the OVAL Hemp bag - roughly 12" x 12" with a rounded bottom.

Our washable, reusable hemp filtration bags are GREAT for making nut/seed milks, cheese, yogurt, kefir, wine, beer, mead, jam, jelly, tinctures, etc. These bags are ideal for any number of straining or sprouting uses. 
Each bag is quality tested to ensure that you receive the finest product. Satisfaction guaranteed. We DO NOT sew for planned obsolescence like so many others do!
This bag is lovingly hand made by sweet human beings here in Vermont, not factory-made by machines. We pride ourselves on creating flexible work schedules for our at-home sewing experts! This bag is roughly 12" x 12" but the measurements may not be exact.
Filtration uses include:
• coffee (cold- or hot-pressed)
• cheeses
• kefirs/yogurts
• sprouts
• juices
• nut/seed/grain/milks
• beer/wine/mead/kombucha
• apple cider
• herbal tinctures
• produce bag!
• teas
• poultices
• vinegars
• ice creams
• lotions/potions
• and more!

Note on the fabric: Please know there might be some slight discolorations or imperfections to the fabric. This is can be an unavoidable part of unbleached fabric.

Enjoy your bag! It has been made with lots of love. :)

Organic hemp is highly durable; this bag is made to last. I still have the first one from 2006!! Check out the rest of the website for recipes, videos, care and use, and more!

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