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another green smoothie recipe for yas

I made this the other day and it was very yummy and delicious. It's full of good things for your body - it's thick and creamy and filling. Green Shake - Serves 2 or 3 hungry peeps * 2 bananas * 1 medium apple * 2 stalks celery * 2 Tbsps sesame seeds or raw tahini * 1/2 - 1 avocado (depending on how creamy you want it and how many peeps you are feeding) * 1 1/2 cups green sprouts like sunflower sprouts * filtered water or coconut water Put all ingredients into the VitaMix blender plus enough water to create a shake consistency. Drink and enjoy! This made about 64 ounces of creamy beautiful smoothie. YUM!
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mushroom "steak" dinner with raw A-1 sauce

This is SO delicious, I can't even stand it. I take sprouted grain tortillas and fill them with salady stuff (lettuce, carrots, etc.) and this recipe. It's so delicious. I don't even like the regular A-1 sauce but this raw stuff RAWks! :-) the steak part * 6 - 8 oz portobello mushrooms, washed and sliced * 1 small onion, peeled and thinly sliced * 1/4 cup olive oil * 1/4 cup lemon juice * 1/4 cup Nama Shoyu * 1/4 cup agave * 1 tsp garlic powder * 1 tsp Italian seasoning * 1/2 tsp cumin * pinch of Himalayan salt Put all ingredients except the mushrooms and onions in a blender and blend until smooth. Slice the mushrooms and onions, place into a shallow bowl and pour marinade over. Cover and let sit for a couple hours. You can also leave in the fridge overnight. Optional additions: cut up brocooli, red pepper, green onion, ginger RAWking A-1 sauce * 5 dates, pitted * 1/4 cup sun dried tomatoes * 1/2 apple * 1/4 cup agave * 2 cloves garlic * 1 T blackstrap molasses * 1/4 tsp horseradish, powdered or minced * 1/2 tsp Himalayan salt * 1 pinch ground cloves * 1/2 tsp rosemary * 1/3 cup olive oil * 1/3 cup apple cider vinegar * 1 lemon, juiced Blend all the ingredients in your blender and serve as dollop on the steak if desired. Optional serving suggestions: Server over cauliflower “rice.” Simply process cauliflower in the food processor until it resembles a “cous-cous” like appearance and serve. Another option is to serve these magnificent mushroom steaks on a bed of lettuce with a bit of the A-1 sauce as a dressing. Enjoy!
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