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in japan, apparently folks like to take pictures of their food

Hi there! I'm at the cafe right now. Just had 2 guests come in and ordered a RAWsome wrap each to go. I tell you, it is a delight to make food for people. When these two people looked at the food, their comments on how it looked was so great to see/hear. The younger man said, "In Japan, people like to take photos of their food and if they saw this, they'd definitely like to take a picture of it." His dad laughed and said he gets so many photos of food more than anything from his son's travels! So I gave the younger man my camera and said, "Have at it!" And he took 2 photos: 1 with a flash and 1 without.
You know, you just can't get this kind of fun in a boxed lunch or the grab and go section! You know what I'm saying? I love this!
Eat your colors, home brews! Love you, Linda
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been loving these wraps the past few nights

So the past few nights I've been enjoying wraps for dinner. *STOMACH GROWLING* I'm excited to have this tonight again. I'll include ways today to make this 100% raw although the wraps I've been eating these wraps that AREN'T 100% raw the past couple nights. (OH NO! Hopefully the raw policeman isn't out there reading this blog post!) hahaha - just joking really. I vary between 100% raw and like 90% raw. I don't really care too much about the details. I am 100% vegan though and for me, that's what works the best. So here's the ingredients for the wrap: sprouted grain tortillas - (or collard leaves if 100% raw) whole dulse micro greens sunflower sprouts cooked lentils (or sprouted lentils if 100% raw) green olives RAWking A-1 sauce fresh basil fresh tomatoes (optional) Now follow the photo assembly instructions
sprouted grain tortilla (use a fresh collard leaf if 100% raw) - put your collard leaf or sprouted grain tortilla on a plate and fill it with green sprouts.
now add your cooked or sprouted lentils to the wrap
add some RAWking A-1 sauce - if you'd like add a dollop of raw vegan cheeze
now add some red pepper stuffed green olives
now add some whole dulse and fresh basil to the mix. feel free to add whatever else is your favorite topping like fresh tomatoes, cukes, orange peppers, anything!
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