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we're in the times argus today!

here's the link: and here's how it looked in the paper itself.
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now for something completely different - Tarot Workshop with Sherri Glebus - experienced Tarotist

Tarot Workshop with Sherri Glebus - experienced Tarotist DATE: March 1st, 2010 TIME: 6pm to 8pm COST 15$ per person You can use the Tarot to access your intuition and expand your consciousness. This workshop will give you a start in cultivating a familiarity with the symbols, as well as techniques for reading them for guidance. Please bring your own deck. Please contact Flora to RSVP:
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latest newsletter

Hello Fiddle Heads People! Hoping you are well and happy! It's been another fun week. Just made some fresh chocolate mint fudge, chocolate orange fudge, God Butter and Goddess Butter! (See other specials below) We just got a delivery of LOVELY local teas from the Love and Tea Co. We have really delicious kombucha concoctions made by Karen at Toll a Bell Farm. We have the flavors listed below. Also have some VT Honey Garden Apitherapy's Elderberry Syrup back in stock. That last batch sold out pretty quickly. I'm working on some raw vegan meat (veat) loaf here and gonna make some BLT kind of sandwiches. That's always fun! Think I'll make it on some not so typical raw onion bread (not typical as in not super OILY!) :-) If you are interested in receiving some raw food goodies to your doorstep, consider the Mystery Box. I also have new tee shirts in! Here I am smiling all FULLY bright!
lil ol (tall) me fully stoked to wear this organic cotton, low-impact dyed tee. There are 3 colors to choose from. I have men's shirts available now too! iFully dude! Right on!
I also have new products in and sales going on! Check out my blog for recipes and other fun stuff. I've made some good dinners this past week and posted some of the recipes on the blog. Hours of operation Tuesday: 10 - 6 Wednesday: 12 - 6 Thursday: 10 - 6 Friday: 12 - 6 Saturday: 11:30 - 4 Now for the specials:
This is my UN-Pizza! My Original Recipe!
Menu Items for this week and next: Other Food items for sale this week and next:
  • gRAWnola - $9.75/ 8 oz bag
  • LORAH balls - $1.95/pkg
  • buckwheat breakfast bars - $4.00/ 4oz pkg
  • buckwheat, date, mulberries sweetie cakes - $4.00/ 4 oz pkg
  • shallots - $4.20/lb
  • Good EFAs (Essential Fatty Acids) Milky Shake
  • Pink Smoothie (Calcium Rich and full of sprouts)
  • Chocolate Smoothie (Calcium/Magnesium Rich and yes, full of green sprouts!)
  • Green Smoothie (Calcium, Potassium, EFAs - green nutrition!)
  • My Favorite Juice
  • Drink Your Facial Juice
  • Chocolate Mousse Pie with chocolate pecan crust
  • Kefir Soda
  • Hot Cacao
  • Hot Teas/Coffees
  • Superfood "Lattes"
  • Goji Burst - Toll a Bell Farm Kombucha calendula flowers, green rooibos, lemongrass, safflower petals, nettle leaves, orange peels, mango ceylon tea, goji juice
  • Mellow Mint - Toll a Bell Farm Kombucha spearmint, lemon balm, lemon verbena, lemon thyme, lavender, chamomile, orange peels
  • Sencha Rose - Toll a Bell Farm Kombucha green sencha leaf tea, nettles leaves, green rooibos, rose petals, rosehips, lavender flowers
  • Acai Burst - Toll a Bell Farm Kombucha lemongrass, rosehips, chickory root, fennel, hibiscus, orange peels, spearmint leaves, roses, acai juice
  • Cranapple Ginseng - Toll a Bell Farm Kombucha fresh hawthorne berries, dried cranberries, rosehips, hibiscus flowers, orange peels, ginseng, ginger, lavender, lemon verbena
  • Power Mint - Toll a Bell Farm Kombucha oatstraw, calendula, lemon balm, peppermint, lemon thyme, alfalfa leaf, wheatgrass powder, barley grass powder, spinach powder
++++++++++++ Lunch Items:
  • The Dipsters: 2 choices of Cheddary Cheeze and Italian Garden Cheeze. My pizza crackers will be what you use to do the dippin’! crackers: sprouted buckwheat, flax, ground ginger, italian seasoning, garlic, mild chili powder, sea salt, lemon juice.
  • RAWsome Wrap: Pick your potion: Cheddary Cheeze and Italian Garden Cheeze. The wrap is kale or collard leaves. The filling: dollop of your choice of salad or cheeze, house kim chi, carrots, sprouts, dulse and some of the best black olives ever.
  • RAWmarkable Chili with "Sour Creme" - sprouted barley, bell peppers, red onions, corn, carrots, garlic, yellow onions, tomatoes, oranges, dates, sun-dried tomatoes, Bragg's liquid aminos, curry, cumin, italian seasoning, chili powder, cayenne. Sour creme is made from cashews, onion and sea salt.
  • RAWvioli - local turnips, pine nuts, macadamia nuts, walnuts, lemon juice, liquid aminos, garlic, sun-dried tomatoes, agave, olive oil, cayenne, sea salt. Served over greens.
  • Baby Greens Salad with Almond Orange Ginger Dressing - baby greens, onion, cabbage, carrots, mushroom with delicious OIL FREE dressing: really raw almond butter, oranges, liquid aminos, lemon juice, raw agave and ginger. DEEEELICIOUS!
heavenly layered cake!
Have you seen the inside of our cafe/store yet? Well, check them out! (Or better yet, stop on in!)
ALERT! We are adding all our cafe products online so you can order them "to go" - give us a lunch order or a bulk order and we'll fill it for you. Let us know the approximate time that you will be picking it up and we'll have it ready for you. For now, call us or email us if you'd like to place a lunch order...
New Products and Sale Items Check out what is new and what is on sale! Be sure to check out the calendar pages to see what is going on in our little world here.
Everything that I sell are items that I personally use and love. That's my whole "shtick". We pride ourselves on being a "green" business (which means biodegradable/compostable packaging, among other things) and for selling local and "extended" local items! Come in and see/feel the fun colors and feel of the place. We are getting lots of compliments and thanks from many for being here in Worcester. Thank you!

NEED A NUT MILK BAG? Get your wholesale/retail nut milk bags here. Check out our hemp and nylon filtering bags. GREAT NEWS! We now have 100% compostable bags to package our bags in! As you know, it is our mission to be a sustainable company and that's not just for our business sales, but for our business practices, meaning our packaging and shipping materials. MORE GREAT NEWS! We now have OVAL shaped bags in both nylon and hemp! YIPPEEEE!!!!
NEED SOME HOW-TO's? - at the top of the page, you'll see links to do various things with your nut milk bag and VitaMix. Recipes included! YAY!
Thank you for your RAWsome time and energy! Please contact me for information or other raw goodies (both bulk and prepared.) In joy and in health, Linda Vermont Fiddle Heads 18 Worcester Village Road Worcester, VT 05682 802-223-2111 802-408-1000 (fax) Please check out our Facebook page: - Become a fan and check out photos, events and notes. MM-kay? P.S. Keep checking back on the shop. Adding products as we speak! Please contact me if you are interested in getting any of these items. With everything we sell, items can be picked up or I can mail them to you.
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updated the cafe page on our website

trying out new hours so I think I've got all the hours posted correctly for now! Our hours are: Tuesday: 10 - 6 Wednesday: 12 - 6 Thursday: 10-6 Friday: 12 - 6 Saturday: 11:30 - 4 pm I will be trying out a variety of hours as we go here. Trying to find a balance for myself and the cafe. Love and hugs, Linda
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in japan, apparently folks like to take pictures of their food

Hi there! I'm at the cafe right now. Just had 2 guests come in and ordered a RAWsome wrap each to go. I tell you, it is a delight to make food for people. When these two people looked at the food, their comments on how it looked was so great to see/hear. The younger man said, "In Japan, people like to take photos of their food and if they saw this, they'd definitely like to take a picture of it." His dad laughed and said he gets so many photos of food more than anything from his son's travels! So I gave the younger man my camera and said, "Have at it!" And he took 2 photos: 1 with a flash and 1 without.
You know, you just can't get this kind of fun in a boxed lunch or the grab and go section! You know what I'm saying? I love this!
Eat your colors, home brews! Love you, Linda
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the voicemail for this week... I'm having fun with iMovie...


Click on that little blue link there to see the teeny tiny movie. I hope this works. This is brandy new for me... I'm having fun on my vacataion! This was so silly to me that I had to post it. Enjoy.


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RAWliday Message for You!

Hello Fiddle Heads People! I Just Wanted To Say This One Small Thing Today To You ALL are you ready?

Happy RAWlidays! :-)

Keep your light shining

bright always!

Thank you for your sunshiney spirits. Thank you for your patronage and your wonderful words to us as always. We're so happy to have this little store/cafe here in Worcester. Many blessings for a healthy and happy 2010. We'll see you next year if not sooner!

RAWliday hugs, Linda Vermont Fiddle Heads 18 Worcester Village Road Worcester, VT 05682 802-223-2111 802-408-1000 (fax) Please check out our Facebook page: - Become a fan and check out photos, events and notes. MM-kay?
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posted this week's specials

Come and try some good ass food! :-) love and hugs, Linda
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