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Hello Good Fiddle Heads People!

I'm just getting back from an AWESOME week away in Sedona, Arizona. What a magical place it is. A friend and I spent the week visiting and raising our spirits at canyons, vortexes, and galleries. I got a holistic pedicure (that was a first) and a hot stone massage (also a first!) What a treat and a half. I loved all the new age shops and I saw statues of beautiful Kwan Yin in every store, on almost every street corner. The best part was seeing all the heart shape rocks EVERYWHERE on every canyon. It was a blessing and I spent each moment in deep gratitude.

Back at home in the cold and crisp VT, I'm muddling through emails, doing laundry and bills and getting back into the swing of things at home and the cafe. I've got a winter raw class coming up and a green smoothie workshop and I'd recommend you coming to both if you can. I'm going to do green smoothies that are good for this cold time of year.

So let me get to it here and get right to the haps!

There is a GREEN SMOOTHIE workshop that is scheduled to happen. If you plan to come to the winter class, please try and get to the smoothie workshop. I'm going to make a theme of it as the class and workshop are so close together.

Please contact me if you'd like to join us for the WINTER RAW FOOD class. Cost of the class is $50 and we'll be making raw foods that are great to fill us up and keep us going in the cold winter. We'll talk about the myths of raw food, what you might expect while transitioning to more raw foods in the winter and of course, we'll be eating a bunch of tasty things.

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Valya's Velvet Chocolate
- by Valya Boutenko, from the book, Eating Without Heating

This is an old recipe but a really delicious one. I know that many people love and prefer raw chocolate to raw carob. I recommend trying this recipe out as it is very delicious just the way it is. I've gone back to using carob and really enjoy it because now I'm just enjoying carob for carob's sake and not as a replacement for chocolate. This recipe was a way for me to enjoy something like nutella back when I was transitioning to raw foods some 9 years ago. 8-)

1 cup raw cashew or macadamia butter
1/4 cup water
3 Tablespoons raw honey
2 Tablespoons raw carob powder
1 teaspoon vanilla
1/4 teaspoon Celtic sea salt

Blend well, pour in a flat dish, freeze until solid.
Serves 1-12 (depending on how much you like chocolate)

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In joy and in health,


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