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(adapted from Hooked on Raw by Rhio) 
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Fruit Kebobs with Raw Yogurt

By Emily and Linda Wooliever Well, my daughter pulled out one of her little cook books and looked at a recipe that appealed to her. The kids aren't eating dairy and the recipe called for yogurt. Determined Emily took out a bowl and put it on the table. She found some fruit that was ripe to use and began washing and cutting it and putting it in the bowl. I was cleaning up my own mess (I made my famous chilli) and by the time I got to her she was all into it. 
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Broccoli Slaw Broccoli, chopped in food processor Celery, sliced thinly (Linda's note: I pulse-chopped it in the food processor) Red pepper, chopped (I used carrots since I had them) Shallots, green onion, red onion, or white onion, finely chopped (I used an onion and I added it to the mayo dressing instead - don't ask me why) Seed or nut mayonnaise
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