hemp reusable tea bag - package of 3

0.19 lb

organic hemp reusable tea bags


I don't know about you, but I'm a tea drinker. I LOVES my tea particularly when it is COLD outside (and believe me, it gets cold outside here in VT. It gets cold inside here, too!) :-) So with all this beautiful, renewable hemp material we're using to make our handy dandy nut milk bags, we we thought we should make some handy dandy reusable TEA bags too! Oh how fun! Get yours today. Or buy one as a gift for someone you know how loves tea or has cold hands and feet! They will thank you for it! :-)

Product Description: organic hemp, reusable tea bags. Each bag comes with a bamboo stick. Very strong and durable material. Use this bag for making brewed teas or sun teas. Also works for coffee and coffee substitutes in single serving mug or cup sizes. These bags are built to last!