A bit of the experience so far - day 3 of juice fast

I thought I'd write a bit more than just what we are drinking, although recipes are fun for me.

This is the start of day 3 and I'm sleeping very well so far. Sleeping very soundly. Funnily enough I had a dream last night about eating olives and almond butter. I'm definitely missing fat but from my perspective, I have enough fat on my body which I'd rather "eat" first with this fast. There is something in the mind that makes us get a little panicky when the stomach starts to gurgle and groan in hunger. When that happens, it's good to take a deep breath, drink some water and relax. Tell yourself that another juice is coming soon and all really is well in the moment right now. Then do something else to get your mind on something more productive.

I didn't drink as much water yesterday as I normally do. It was the busy-ness of the day that aided in my neglecting myself with regards to drinking water. This morning I drank 16 oz of water, then had a juice and have almost finished a quart of water. It's nearing time for me to make another juice. This morning for sure I felt a bit cranky. I'm at the part of my cycle where I'm longing for chocolate. I have a slight headache and feel like detox is in fact happening. There's a slight feeling like you get when you're about to get a cold or the flu - like lymph nodes are a little sore and feeling a little foggy and cranky. I also am noticing a little bit of phlegm in my throat on occasion which is interesting. I'm going to be sure to drink lots and lots of water today to flush this out. Plus I will take a vigorous walk or ride the bike to help sweat things out. This would be a good time to do an enema or get a colonic, too, but I don't have that in the plans for today. Another good thing, too, would be to rest and take a nap. Boy that actually sounds good to me right now.

This is the just like anything else that one goes through to try to better themselves and/or their health. Sometimes it feels worse before it feels better. Have you ever given up smoking, drinking or drinking coffee? Somewhere around day 3 or 4, it can be pretty awful, but if you get yourself over that, it gets easier and the rewards are great. So it's good to take stock in it as well as what is feeling good because there's plenty of that too. Thankfully what I feel today is NOTHING like giving up smoking or drinking or drinking coffee. Been there. Done that. I've graduated. :-)

What I'm feeling is much greater ease to move and walk up the stairs and get up and down from sitting. Inflammation is easing up in my hips and I'm super extremely grateful for any ease I feel in my hips and back. I feel lighter and I have lost weight so far. I haven't checked the scale today but was down 4 lbs yesterday. I'm feeling more MOTIVATED to keep a forward momentum going. There's not a lot bogging me down to stay on the couch and kvetch. And not even kvetch verbally - it's like my body is kvetching because it hurts and wants to just stay still. The lightness in my body is deeply gratifying. There's also a lot of clarity of mind: being able to see one's patterns and bad habits/behaviors with regards to food/eating is a big one. I've been working very diligently to eat mostly for nourishment and less because of emotions, boredom or rewards. I work very diligently to eat mindfully and I have noticed in these last 3 days that it's pretty easy to spot the mindless grabs for a snack when I'm hungry during the day. On day 1 it was kind of funny to see my hand reaching for the bag of cheezy cauliflower snacks that I've got at the cafe. Yesterday it was the cherry tomatoes and blueberries that came in the Farm to Table order that were attracting my attention.

So the observations are great. It's also wonderful to feel hungry. It appears that I've had a slow metabolism for quite a while and I typically like to/need to exercise regularly to help keep things less sluggish. It's been nice to be hungry and feel like I'm metabolizing like I see other people doing (like "normal" people.) LOL

All-in-all, this is a positive experience for me so far and I'll keep you posted on how things continue to progress.

Thanks for reading!

oh P.S.! A wonderful little drink has been a shot of coconut kefir water that I made along with some young coconut water. It's tangy and sweet, slightly carbonated and very hydrating. YUM, can't wait to have that at the cafe.

P.P.S. I'm down another 2 lbs!

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