Day 2 of phase 2

So we're on day 2 of our next phase. I tell you it feels very easy to do this in comparison to a green juice fast/feast. We start out with a green juice, then in the afternoon have a big green smoothie and then in the evening have a light raw food dinner. Yesterday went smoothly although Matt and I both had the munchies after dinner. We split a coconut water between us and the sweetness of it seemed to curb the cravings. Here we are on day two. We are running out of fruit for the juices so Matt went to gather some apples that fell from the tree. We used 1/2 lb mesclun mix, 6 leaves of kale, 1 thumb size piece of fresh ginger, 1 beet, 1 carrot, 1 container strawberries and 2 apples. It was a good juice and it was about 20 ounces each. I exercised a bit after that and am about to make the smoothie. I did 5.5 miles on my stationary bike in 23 minutes on a random hill pattern. I got to sweating so that was good. Today I want to make some of those lemon blondies from LJs RAW FUSION RECIPES book because a small small bite of that would be a nice addition to what we are doing. We are doing low fat and those blondies are high fat, but definitely a good fat. We want to exercise more so we'll be wanting a bit more macronutrients and well, for me, it helps me to feel like I'm not depriving myself when I have a kickass sweetie like that around. I was thinking about them last week during the fast. They are really delicious. OK, I'm off to get dressed and make the smoothie. OH! I also wanted to write that the whole family here had a very weird night's sleep. I wonder if the full moon coming up here tomorrow is what has made the night so sleepless and then full of lucid dreaming. Anyway, I haven't had a night like that in years, thankfully. It did, however, remind me of about 6 years ago when I habitually slept terribly, waking up in night terrors, etc. It was interesting to have the comparison and I'm grateful to sleep better now. When we have nights like this, I often wonder if others are as well... OK, I'm off! Back again. Made the smoothie just like yesterdays. It is good and filling! It is so yummy to have these again. I love my green smoothies. p.s. I weighed myself and am 2 lbs lighter so that's good news!
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