Day 3? Day 4? What day is it?!?

Well, we are *really* being active participants here and it freaking rules! :-) I was having a bit of performance anxiety this morning when thinking about doing this certain ceremony today. You know we had to ask for help from the healing spirits and THANK GOODNESS they came and helped! That was fun as hell! I'll write more about it later but this is just a check in...


So I got up really early this morning and I was actually laughing looking at the clock. I *never* get up this early unless I've got to like get a flight or something. Eventually my body just got up and I had my hot cacao/mushroom/camu camu berry drink, wrote in my journal and then got ready. This is the first day I actually made it to breakfast. There was nice fruit around so I had fruit and there was some oatmeal and granola type things so I had a few bites of the oatmeal. I think now that my body wanted an early start to ensure that I had some extra food in me for the morning's events. Since being here, I've been eating more a bit of cooked vegan along with a lot of raw vegan and it's been feeling quite right for this kind of work we are doing. And I've been hungry for each meal so I know that there is something to this journeying work taking a lot of energy to do. With each meal (and it's wild to eat 3 meals a day) I heap on the greens and veggies and fruit and then have been eating a bit of something like rice or sweet potatoes or beans or whatever. I'm not really paying too much mind to it. Just wandering the buffet table and seeing what is speaking to me. It's nice to have a buffet table with a nice little variety of vegan choices.

I'm sure it can be said that since I'm doing something so new, I'm eating some starchy things to acknowledge the emotional body and hey, that may be true. It's all good as far as I'm concerned. This is about being gentle here—at least for me—and I'm delighting in truly giving myself this time and space to savor every little thing that delights me: sage burning, writing in journal, time to be with just my thoughts, eating food that was not made by me (well not all of it), getting aware of the place around me and the people around me. It's very nice.

Anyway, lunch bell is about to ring and I'm getting on the trough line!

More later and much love,


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