Day 3 - I'm sure I'll be losing track of days... :-)

Well It's Monday and I woke up early in a bright bright room. I'm so happy and grateful for the warmth and sun. What a great thing to have before the winter begins in VT. (We've had some very frosty nights so far.) It was 70 degrees here yesterday and I'm like sweating and feeling all warm. What a wonderful change.

This morning I had my hot cacao drink. I threw in a pinch of Matcha (stone ground green tea), some immuno-mushroom blend, camu-camu berry powder to really help get the mushrooms activated, cacao powder, agave and this time I used a bit of coconut oil for kicks and grins. I'm really not used to oil in the morning but it was nice. I also had some of my ayurvedic herbal paste, some other lovely herbs and flower essences - my healthy woman elixir that I love from Mandala Botanicals (I'm selling her stuff now! YAY! I love her elixirs SOOOOO much.) And then before I left, I made a green smoothie to sip on throughout the rest of the morning. Green smoothie is: lettuces, banana, green apple with seeds, chia seeds, cashews, water, agave, & bee pollen. One man looked at it this morning and said, "well, I know it's not pea soup because it's morning. So what is it?" Very cute.

There's about 20 people here. The workshop teachers said this is a small group but it seems like a great size to me. There's 2 people from Quebec, 1 from Montreal, someone from Colorado, Texas, San Luis Obispo, Michigan, Spain, Bethesda, MD, NJ, Astonia (now living in Brooklyn), 2 peeps from VT (me included), VA and other places I can't recall at the moment. Age ranges are 20s to late 60s. It's wonderful. One gray haired momma said she's been having visions for 6 years - got tested for everything and no, she's not crazy and no she doesn't have brain tumors. She said she decided if she has to live with these visions she might as well learn what to do with them. Love that attitude. Sounds very sensible. :-)

Well, I'm off to the morning classes. I'm very excited and yet calm about this. I'm looking forward to hanging out with my spirit guides for 2 weeks! Last night's journeys were wonderful. This morning at 6 am, I rolled over and was startled to hear big bird wings flapping - like I startled a bird. Windows were closed and of course no big bird in the room. I went down to make my hot cacao drink - came back in the room and heard the bird's wings flapping again. So maybe I should put a little something out to honor the bird spirit in the room.

OK, I'm off! Have a great day! I'm sure I'll write more.

Hugs and kisses,


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