Day 3 of something different

Labor Day

Well, this is day 3 of something different. I feel and felt great today! Last night I was feeling a little detox-y and I admit, when I feel that way, I question whether or not I'm doing the right thing. I think it's good to question everything. I believe the body really tells us when something is good or not good. Today was a magical day. I had a great sleep last night and even slept in some today. The sun was shining like it was California today. So bright and beautiful. Everything was lush and green. Breakfast this morning was 2 bananas and a mango. Very delicious and it was easy to savor and feel grateful for every bite. I drank 1/2 liter of water and did some work on the computer. Had lunch - which was 32 oz green smoothie with a WHOLE lot of ripe peaches, bananas and a mess of kale. DELICIOUS. Also added rice protein powder, goji powder, water, chlorella tabs and VM green. Matt put in some bee pollen in. Bee pollen tends to give me slight cramping in my stomach for about 1/2 hour after I eat it. Not sure why that is and I've heard others have this experience too. This happens if I eat it with anything or by itself. We all went for a BIG walk in the woods. We started up Gould Hill, which is pretty steep and then we walked to a road that had a trail marking. It was a beautiful walk - first through a field and then into the woods. We exited the woods to a road although I'm not sure what road it was. We walked to Calais somewhere and it was beautiful. We headed back and got home. I have to say, this was the best I've felt during a hike. It was a lot of up hills and down hills and nearly no flat land. My body felt in great shape despite waking up to aching knees. (I had a private yoga lesson last Thursday which helped me to see how to really hold poses, my body, etc. I am learning how to use muscles and not just use my hyper-mobility for stretches.) We got back from the walk and I ate a banana and an apple. Both tasted absolutely amazing. I think it's fantastic that when we switch things up and simplify, the tastes and flavors of food become even more potent (in a great way.) I drank 1/2 liter of water and then took a shower. Drank some more water (1/2 of which was cold herbal tea and other 1/2 water) Went over to the cafe to package up those chocolate drizzled cheeze cake bites that I made on Saturday. There was chocolate drippings everywhere that had hardened. I took a bit of it and then another and another and another. SO delicious! We bagged up the dehydrated crackers I made, too. Went back home and made dinner. Dinner was absolutely amazing. I modified the kelp noodle heaven recipe and it was scrumptious. I didn't add the oils and added garlic, honey instead of agave and 1 orange. OMG! We put in like 5 or 6 jalapeno peppers with the seeds so this was a spicy dish! Served over kelp noodles, kale and spiral sliced carrots. The carrots sweetened things up a bit. Everything was marinating in the sauce to soften the kale, carrots and kelp noodles. I ate this over boston lettuce and some of my kim chi. OMG! I'll say it again - DELICIOUS! A couple hours later, we had dessert. Fruit ice cream. Frozen bananas with very ripe peaches. OMG. Super delicious. I think I'm in heaven on earth. It's beautiful food, honestly. Later I had more water and we all had a food soak with epsom salts and essential oils. Our feet feet incredibly happy! My stomach is quite happy. My mind is happy. My body feels great. I look forward to putting this day to rest with my gratitude and look forward to a good night's sleep. Thanks for reading and blessings, Linda

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