Dinner juice tonight

Well work was crazy busy today and before I knew it, it was 5:30. I was feeling super hungry and actually it felt pretty bad. I finally had a juice around 5:30 and drinking it took a while for me to feel better. But by 6, I was feeling good again. I have to remember to STOP around 4 and have a juice while doing this fast. It's definitely MUCH easier to do this when you have an office job or better yet, not working at all. Just had a great big huge juice. It was about 30 ish ounces tonight. We were both pretty darn hungry! I made dinner for the kids and that doesn't bother me. Being at the cafe and making food for people doesn't bother me. But people talking about the food they are going to eat when they are off their fast - well that makes me hungry. For some reason, talking about food is worse than serving it. Anyway, here's the after dinner juice - or was it the dinner juice?
  • 1/2lb of lb local mesclun mix from our CSA,
  • 1 bunch of local chard from our CSA,
  • a bunch of local radish greens from our CSA,
  • 1 lbs of cherries,
  • 3 oranges
I actually liked this juice a lot. The first sips tasted sour or bitter but then I really really really liked it. Mostly because it wasn't super sweet. I'm absolutely LOVING all the fruit varieties we are having but I'm not used to this much fruit. This made almost a full Vitamix pitcher full and it was great to drink. I'm going to hang out with my kiddos. xoxo
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