Foods to Balance Your Being

This is copied from p86 of The Medicine Woman Inner Guidebook. I pulled the Balance card today and this is what it has to say.

I thought it was so nice that I wanted to copy it here:

Sun is the first food,
Fresh air and water second.
Rest, exercise, and laughter
Nourish you third.
Fourth, the seed of the Earth brings life.
Fifth, the herb, vegetable, and fruit give health.
And sixth, if these be lacking,
The animals will provide.

Cast aside as little as you can
From these, the gifts that nourish.
This, in thanksgiving for their being.
Be positive and kind in preparation,
Friendlyand serene in consuming,
Joyful and active in digestion,
And health will be your inner light.

Eat from nature, if you can,
The herbs and wild foods provided.
Garden by organic means or purchase
The least affected, neglected, processed,
and imperfected.
Locally grown helps you be tuned to home.
Above all, envision
Radiant vitality to be your own.

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