Not meant to sit still...

This is just a little update. Today I've been continuing with the zyflamend, the extra water, the greens, the traumeel, the ice packs and rest. I've been more mobile today which is great although I'm still trying to take it easy so I don't overdo it. I have to say, I'm tired of sitting with my feet up! :-) I think there's reason why we have movable appendages! I so want to move and I am but I enjoy the ability to move with more ease and flexibility. My kids cheered me on when I showed them that I was walking without a cane! They are so cute.

My ass wants to move though. So I'm going to go and rest and hope to move a even more tomorrow.

I guess it goes without saying that I haven't been at the cafe this week. I'm sorry for anyone that has come to find a closed shop. I hope to be there next week! I'm getting there.

The very last thing I wanted to say is that in these times of illness or pain, it's amazing what one can learn from them. I am looking back to even last week when I was way more mobile and being grateful for that time. I'm also grateful for the feelings of pain, as funny as that sounds. It's definitely a unique human feeling - to be able to feel it, reflect on it, recall it and then express it. Do other animals feel pain and go, "Gosh, that really hurt Bob. I can't recall ever feeling a pain like that." Hey, maybe they do, I don't know but as far as I do know, this is uniquely ours and whether it's a good thing or a less than stellar thing to experience from our amazing senses and spirits, it is uniquely human. I'm also incredibly grateful for each moment that I feel better and am amazed at how quickly the body goes towards health. YAY for the human body! YAY for the human experience!


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