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day 5

well today I woke up feeling like shit. Pardon my expression. My nose doesn't want to do anymore VT winters, I swear! I also didn't get a whole lotta sleep last night so I was feeling slightly low energy in the morning. I did some yoga to help myself feel "on top" of my game, as much as I could. I drank some water and made a juice. today I am coming to notice, too, that this is a lot of liquid to drink and I'm getting full from the juices a lot sooner. the morning's juice: a bunch of kale 2 small carrots (to help the machine work) 4-5 oranges (so glad I'm digging these oranges as I got a case on sale last week!) lunch juice: a head of lettuce 1 carrot 3 apples 2 oranges dinner: 1/3 cuke a bunch of kale 2 carrots 3 plum tomatoes again, I put this in the vitamix with 1/2 avocado, a small handful of dulse flakes and some miso and hot sauce. I made it extra spicy as I really liked that a couple nights ago. I drank it down easily and am here now writing this. I had dinner at 6 pm and here it is 9:30 - I am getting those similar feelings like I had this morning. Tired and feeling slightly flu like. I might do an enema before bed to help pull this out. I know that more water would be good to drink each day but it really is a lot of liquid that I'm drinking already and it's just difficult to drink anymore. I'm off to bed! all love, Linda
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day 4

I was a bit more hungry today than yesterday. morning: about 1 lb baby spinach (maybe a bit less) 2 carrots (to help the machine with the spinach) 5 oranges delicious lunch 3 oz sunflower sprouts 1/3 euro cuke 1 stalk celery 2 apples 3 oranges dinner: 1/3 euro cuke 1 bunch red kale 3 stalks celery 4 plum tomatoes again, I added 1/2 avocado, 1 TBSP dulse flakes, 1 rounded tsp miso and some dashes of hot sauce. Very tasty but not as spicy as last night's juice. I liked it more spicy. overall, a good day of juicing. I had 2 appts in town. There's some stress in my life at present and I think I'm glad for this super nutrition here. I'm remembering to feel my feelings, let them be and be really gentle with myself...
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day 3 juice fast

day 3 of juice fast. still doing fine. here's what I ate: breakfast juice: 1 bunch kale 3 small carrots 1 celery stalk 4 oranges lunch juice: 3 oz radish sprouts 1 bunch kale 3 green apples 2 oranges dinner juice: (So happy for savory juices at night!) 2 stalks celery 4 huge bunches of baby spinach 4 oz radish sprouts 1 zucchini 5 plum tomatoes I took the juice and put it in the vitamix, added 1/2 avocado, 1 TBSP dulse flakes, 1 TBSP miso and a few dashes of hot sauce. This was a YUMMY and SPICY green drink! So far, so good.
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Monday, January 28th continued

Wanted to list out the rest of the day so far:

It is snowing outside and accumulating fast. I went to do some orders and pick up some produce for this week and part of next. I got mesclun mix, spinach, kale, radish sprouts, bananas, strawberries (on sale) and zucchini (so the kids can make their "paleo" brownies - this cracks me up because nobody was making brownies in paleolithic times.) :-) Oh yes, and more brussels sprouts. I've been loving brussels sprouts so much these days.

I made the kids a vegan mac/cheese with quinoa pasta and a cheesy sauce that they seem to like a lot. I ate a few bites of it and then made my lunch of:

raw cheddary cheeze spread
a few pieces of marinated eggplant bacon.

Rolled it all up and ate it. YUM. That is yummy and satisfying. We went to walk the dogs after lunch. It is slippy out and very cold. The temperature is WAY warmer today than last week, but the wetness of the snow makes it almost as cold to bear as -10-20 degree weather (almost). So I didn't stay out long - just long enough for one of the dogs to pee. (My son stayed with the 2nd dog because they both had a need to run around.) Then I went to do the orders and take them to the post office.

Got back with all the produce and needed to make room in the fridge so I made a green juice of:
a bunch of parsley
a bag of pea shoot sprouts
1 head of kale
1/2 head lettuce
3 carrots
2 green apples

The three of us drank it and it was very good, although heavy on the parsley taste.

So that's the food update so far. I feel pretty good today. Greens and veggies always feel the best to me. I'm delighted about the morning smoothie, too - it was good for my kids to get some fruit in them and I'm tickled pink that they drank the juice, too.

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the intention

Now I wanted to write my intention so I could go back and read it if I need to this week. I'm juicing because my friend Chris wanted to do a juice fast to have a jump start to good health. I said I would do it with her. We watched Fat Sick and Nearly Dead and it was so inspiring so even Matt said he was willing to do it! As I thought about what it was that making me want to do this, I discovered that I had a short list of reasons:
  • Firstly, I've put on a few pounds again and that's reason enough for me to jump start a change. If I think about it, I have been snacking more and eating higher fat snacks like nuts and dehydrated cauliflower snacks that I make for the cafe.
  • I also wanted to change how I was eating a bit. Typically I have a huge smoothie in the morning that fills me up for hours and hours. I don't typically get hungry again until 4 pm. I thought if I had a juice in the morning and then did the bigger smoothie in the afternoon, it would be better for my digestion. I also want to do smaller dinners. When I'm at the cafe, I put other things before me (something typical that I find myself doing, I admit) so I will skip lunch a lot and then by the time dinner comes, I'm pretty hungry so I pile on the veggies and rice and beans. The kids are always looking for some dessert afterwards and I haven't been saying "No" to that either (well sometimes.) It's not a huge dessert but still, I don't need it to thrive or survive so it's really just a bad habit. So I was feeling in a rut, so to speak.
  • But the main reason, for me, would be to help with the ongoing inflammation I've had now for about 10 years. Things are a whole lot better for me than they were and I attribute that to my eating and my lifestyle. I still have some residual stuff going on, though, that I'd like to give my body the chance to do what it needs to do to release and heal it. With juicing, it's like a tiny break on the body. The body is getting fuel and nutrients in good concentrations and without the fiber and without needing to spend lots of time break things down and digesting. So it can put more attention on healing what needs to be healed.
We all will defrag our hard drives. We'll all clean out our bags and purses and wallets. We'll all clean out our cars when they are feeling too full of stuff. Same for closets and cupboards. Well, this is the same thing. Juice fasts have a way of cleaning out what isn't needed - there's usually some taking stock, some rest, some more energy to put towards sweating, etc. I'm looking forward to seeing what this juice fast does for all of us that have said we'll do it for 10 days.
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morning and afternoon juices

this morning's juice: serves 2 16 oz juices.
1 head escarole 2 stalks celery 1 tiny peach 4 oranges 1 grapefruit
It was a tasty juice and the dominant flavor was grapefruit. I thought after making the juice that I might not have enough stuff to last the whole day (what if we are super hungry!!?) but the thought subsided after I visited my garden and the cafe. I pulled out various fruits and veggies and came back home with them. All is again well in the world.
I went to the doctor this morning after the juice so it was a sort of rushed morning for me. It's so weird for me to go to the doctor. I'm not used to the various questions and insurance questions. They are also not used to me saying that I take superfoods instead of vitamins, etc. So it makes for an interesting experience all the way around. When I got home with all my fruits/veggies for the next day and a half or more, the thought popped in of how nice it would be to have the whole week off to do this. Part of the challenge will be to incorporate juicing in the middle of the day. Not so much of a challenge when you have a raw food cafe with a juicer, but already today when I stopped by the cafe to pick up fruit, my first inclination was to grab some nuts because my stomach was growling. the juice I made for lunch was a lot bigger. Here's what I did: 1 small bunch local collards 1 bunch local kale (lacinato) 5 small oranges 1 red bell pepper 1 big piece of ginger This made 2 mason jars full of a very spicy green juice. Ginger dominated the flavor here. It is yummy. (I'm still drinking it as of this writing.) I'm using the Hurom slow juicer. It's got some pluses and minuses. I have a Breville at the cafe and I like that a lot. It's super easy to use and clean up is good. With the Hurom, you have to cut things up small so it takes longer to juice. The good news, though, is that you can juice pulpy things like oranges and strawberries, etc. So I'm not complaining at all!
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day 1 of juice fast pep talk

I'm writing this quickly as I have an appt here soon. But I wanted to write a lil pep talk for me as much as anyone else that may read this. We were inspired to do a 10 day juice fast after watching the excellent and most inspiring movie called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. They certainly made doing a 60 day juice fast look very easy. We are only doing 10 days and I've done fasts before with varying degrees of ease or difficulty. The thing that I have to say that was of most importance when doing a fast is the intention behind it. That way you can keep your eyes on the prize, so to speak, particularly if/when the going gets rough. So I've got my intention. I'll write about it later. I'm going to begin here with a juice and I just want to say that I love love love my morning green smoothie so switching to a green juice is just different for me. I did it a bit last week and it wasn't bad at all. Some notes:
  • drink 4-6 juices a day that are around 16 oz each.
  • MAKE SURE to drink all your colors.
  • Vary greens and get in all the colors each day for fruit and veggies.
  • Something I heard a long time ago stuck with me: fruits are the cleansers and greens are the healers so eat them both often and vary them for good health.
  • If at any time there is a desire for crunching, then eat a juicy crunchy apple but mostly that won't happen on such a short term fast.
OK, now let's begin! xoxo, me
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