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Day 5!

Wow! We're halfway done! Amazing.
Day 5 morning juice: 1 bunch kale from garden, 2 stalks celery, 5 or so peaches, 1 grapefruit. Made 2 16 ish ounce juices. grapefruit dominated the flavor. It was yummy though.
Lunch juice: Hmm... let's see if I can remember. Oh yes, I took a 5 mile walk with Karen. Came back to nearly chug down a quart of water. Was soo sweaty on the walk. It felt good. So I took the rest of the kale from the garden, the rest of the local lettuce, kiwi and celery and 2 apples. It was a delicious lunch. I went to look at my garden and we have wiped it nearly clean. Amazing as just a few days ago, I thought we had so much stuff in the garden! I went to the cafe and to be honest, I wanted to immediately go home and play hookie again, like I did yesterday. (Did you notice I didn't write a day 4 post yesterday?) It was a gorgeous day outside and I was happy to be home and only take care of myself and the kiddos. I had fun at the cafe though. I cut up the garlic for the 3 batches of kim chee I made yesterday. I also peeled, sliced up and sweated eggplant to prepare it for making more bacon. I stayed until about 5:30 at the cafe. I drank another quart of water with a little bit of homemade coconut kefir water in it. My taste buds are changing because I really liked the way this tasted. Normally I want to put some stevia in it to sweeten but this was very satisfying. The probiotic drink was thirst quenching and on a juice fast, everything feels as if it is instant nutrition going right to your blood and brain and body. I made an early evening juice of a small bunch of kale, 3-4 carrots, 2 apples and 2 stalks celery. It was good and it made about 12-14 ounces of juice. My energy level today has been good. Matt felt pretty low energy around 6 pm. Our friend Pat offered up some lettuce from her garden today. I didn't think I was going to need anymore produce but we've been POWERING through it. It's unbelievable the amount of fruit and veggies we're having. It's good though because Matt was concerned about getting enough nutrients and I can say that we've never gotten this many nutrients each day! We drove to Pat's house and she filled up a HUGE bucket for us with some beets bunches (including greens), some carrots, some lettuce, and some apples from her immense garden. She said she was happy to have us take some because she was feeling overwhelmed by the quantity. I went home and used about 1/2 the stuff for our evening juice. So funny! Normally we'd look at that big bucket and think, "OMG! That'll last the whole week!" But the rest will be gone tomorrow morning. No joke! So dinner's juice was a big one, about 30-ish ounces each. I know it's best to have more frequent smaller juices but I was just juicing and it got the better of me. :-) Dinner juice: a WHOLE LOT of lettuce from Pat's garden, maybe about 3 cute and twisty carrots from Pat's garden, 3 apples from her tree, a coupla beet greens, pea shoots (1/2 a small bag), 1/2 orange because it was starting to go bad and lots of fresh strawberries. It was a delicious juice. I notice that I start to jug the juice and have to just slow it down. It tastes so yummy and I've been hungry (which is nice) so I'm just drinking and drinking and then I have to consciously SLOW it DOWN. We sat outside on this gorgeous night and drank our juices. Tonight I think we're going to do a foot soak. That will feel very nice. Tonight I can honestly say that I had some cravings for solid food. Not anything specifically. I didn't want to talk about any solid food tonight and I was very happy that the kids again heated up their own dinner. Sam made a huge green smoothie for himself and his sister and I was also happy about that too! The smell of their dinner was enticing. It was about changing my focus. Whenever some solid food thought came up, I put my mind on something else. It went away pretty quickly but I wanted to write it down because it was something that was there. I've been thinking on and on about when I did a 40 day medically supervised fast when I was 19. I think I'm going to write about it because it keeps popping up in my head. Thanks for reading. The best part of this juice fast has been all the support and people joining in. It helps us all and I feel very supported. I want everyone to keep up the great work, keep inspiring me and I'll do my best to keep anyone inspired who is joining us.
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afternoon and evening juices - day two continued

first day at work for the week and I was once again short staffed so it's not the easiest to do. Mainly because I have lots of things I want to do but have to totally let them go as they just don't get done. I wanted to make kim chee and some pesto with the produce I have but had to put it on the back burner to help customers and pack up orders, etc. Thankfully our sewing maven Catherine helped me here and there. Matt helped too when he could. I had 15 minutes left to get a whole bunch of stuff done and my daughter dropped and splattered a green smoothie everywhere. I mention this only because in that 15 minutes I was desperate to make my juice before we had to leave (we had an appt in Burlington which is about an hour away) and the green smoothie she had splattered all over the floor and walls and counter where my juicer was. (I also wanted to get the compost out, wash all the dishes, put all the things away for the night that didn't get done, etc. A lot to try to accomplish in 15 minutes but I was motivated to do it before the smoothie bomb.) So needless-to-say, I had to take some deep breaths and change direction. I was still desperate for my juice because I was very hungry but I didn't want to be snapping. Instead I felt like crying. Day two and I'm definitely having moments of emotions getting to me. I'll back up a little bit to the start of the day. I exercised and did about 5.6 miles or so on the stationary bike. I made an incredible juice. it was THE BEST JUICE to drink and I'm now quite grateful for that Hurom slow juicer I got a few months ago. It does pulpy fruit very nicely and I'm not complaining that it makes those kind of juices like a thick nectar. This is what I did (if I remember correctly) Afternoon Lunch juice - best ever (this made 2 16ish ounces of loveliness)
  • 1 big bunch of local curly kale (from the garden)
  • 1 red bell pepper (because I had it)
  • 2 stalks of celery (because I had it)
  • 4-6 peaches
  • 2 oranges
It was amazingly incredible. The best juice all day by far. OK, so drank that gorgeous peach nectar and went to work. There was no easing into the day (there hardly ever is) so I just went right into it. Helping customers, packing orders, answering phones, making food. Somewhere around 4 pm I started to get hungry again but still had customers I had to help. 5:45 rolled around and I thought it would be a good time to make a juice. That's when the smoothie went KABOOM and that's when I felt like crying. I didn't cry though. We cleaned up. I made my juice. Someone came in at 5:55 and then I wanted to cry again but thankfully she was self-sufficient and it was quick to be able to close the doors and get to my juice and get out the door to the appointment. Dinner juice
  • 1 big huge bunch of kale from the garden
  • 4 granny smith apples
  • 2 stalks celery
  • 4-5 carrots
  • 1 small cuke
this was a yummy juice that hit the spot. We went to our appt in Burlington and had to make a pit stop to PEE! OMG, the peeing has been amazing so far! We got home and we were both feeling hungry AGAIN so it was time for another juice. We're definitely used to eating the heaviest meals at night and this is something to change if we can. Evening juice - interesting flavors
  • 1 lb local baby lettuce mix
  • 1 small bunch local mint
  • 2 granny smith apples
  • 3 ripe mangos
  • 1 small cuke
  • 1 red bell pepper (because it was the last one)
the mint dominated the flavor. Next was the mango. If I were to make this again, I'd keep the cuke out as that was the third flavor and I didn't necessarily like it. But I've got to say that juicing feels like instant nutrition. Hit the spot. So this gets me to the end of the night of Day two. So far, so good.
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evening juices day one

dinner juice was:
  • 1 bunch local kale
  • 4 green apples
  • 1/2 big cuke
this served 2 16ish ounce glasses. DELICIOUS! a couple hours later we were hungry again so made the same thing (plus 1 red bell pepper) except used sour apples the second time. I only drank 1/2 of mine because it was too sour for me. Matt was happy to have more. The tip to remember is to do other things to keep yourself occupied instead of thinking about food. The kids had a large green smoothie because I didn't even want to make a salad (and be tempted by it) and they had some leftovers. (I made a boatload of food last night for them to eat.) The smell of their meals was making me hungry. So that's when the 2nd juice was made. I did the bills and did some laundry and read a lot of magazines on my day off today. Plus sat in the sunshine for a while. It was a nice day off!
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this week's ASK LINDA - a question about juicing

Linda, I just purchased a Champion Juicer but I'm considering sending it back. WHY? Because I've been making amazing juices with the Vitamix. I basically throw the ingredients in the Vitamix, whirl well and then strain through one of the nut milk bags I got at your place. It works really well and I can't see it being any easier than that!! It's quick easy and no cleanup! Help...your thoughts please.....I've been drinking 1-2 juices a day..and I don't mind straining in the nut milk bag. Plus I add a little water when whirling in vitamix so that adds a little extra to the juice. With the juicer, I will be adding no water thus NOT getting as much juice....................what do ya think??! ------C
Hi there C,
Yep, I agree with you on the Vitamix/nut milk bag juicing technique. It works very well. The champion was a lot of clean up for me so I sold mine. If you are doing a great job with the blending/straining, I'd say send back the Champion and keep doing what you are doing. The Champion was my second juicer and it does a great job with root veggies and some fruits but doesn't do well with greens. In the beginning of my juicing days, I wasn't juicing greens so I didn't have a need for them. I used to use it to make some kick ass nut butters but now use the food processor for them because it's a lot less to clean up. I think the blending/straining works really well because it really gets the greens masticated and so uses more of the greens. A lot of the time in my juicer that I use now, I find whole pieces of greens in the compost bucket. I think it also seems to use less veggies to get a decent amount of liquid and the nut milk bags strain soooo well. A lot of people who use juicers will use our bags for straining, too because it gets all the fiber out where juicers leave some in.
Of course I want to say that these are just my opinions. I don't want to yuck anyone's yum here, not any juicing company or people that love their juicers. I want to say that because I think it's important to acknowledge we all have different taste preferences and I'm just sharing mine.
Thanks for the great question and keep up the great work!
Linda to read more, please go here. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Ask Linda! Please feel free to submit your questions to linda AT Questions don’t have to be completely raw food related but please bring questions on health, recipes, diet, weight issues, nutrition, parenting, nursing, pregnancy, spirituality or whatever it is you’d like to ask. I’ll do my best to answer and will most certainly learn from this as much as I can give.
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