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leaving now - full of good memories and times with family

We're on our way home - hoping that we manage through the weather OK. we had a really nice time with family and I got to see an old friend ALL by myself for a fun girl's night out! Not bad for 4 days. I saw my aunt from Washington state - she came here along with other relatives from around NJ and CT for a memorial for my aunt that died last month. It really was a nice memorial service for my aunt Lynne. I couldn't say anything because I was crying the whole time. I saw my uncle - the only boy on my mom's side. He looks SOOOOOO much like my grandfather. It's so cool. I heard lots of stories - some I've heard before and some that were new. It was just really nice to be with everyone and it's too bad that it takes a funeral to get us together...

OK, I'm heading out. More later.

Love and hugs,


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my gratefuls - a condensed list

my grateful list for today and always
  1. I'm grateful for my kids, who are my greatest teachers as well as gift blessings from the heavens
  2. I'm grateful to Matt for giving me said kids :-) - I'm also grateful he's been with me through so much
  3. I'm grateful for my extended family - the family that raised me along with the many aunts, uncles, cousins and grand parents that I love so much.
  4. I'm grateful for this life journey so far and look forward to more "travels"
  5. I'm grateful for my friends, old and new
  6. I'm grateful for all life around me, the dirt, the trees, the animals and yes, even the bugs.
  7. I'm grateful for the feeling of limitless possibilities
  8. I'm grateful for great health in my mind, heart, body, soul and spirit
  9. I'm grateful for the earth that is below me and the moon, stars and sky that is above me
  10. I'm grateful for the space and peace within me and around me as well as in others.
So mote it be. LOL! :-D Happy Thanksgiving! Linda
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