today's Q & A - HELP - raw friend coming over for dinner - what to make?

QUESTIONS: I'm planning a dinner for a friend of mine and she is not only sustainable but raw. So...I can make a cooked Wild Fish and organic veggies but: If I make guacamole, what can we use to dip? What would you recommend for a FAB dessert? Can I go to whole foods for the ingredients or wegmans? Can I use balsamic and olive oil on an organic salad? Could a cooked organic egg be a part of the menu?

ANSWERS: Hey there! If your friend is a raw vegan, then no animal products should be in the meal. No on the eggs, but ask her, she might not be very strict. If you had a dehydrator, you could make lots of raw chips for that guacomole. Otherwise, use thinly sliced sweet potatoes, thinly sliced carrots, jicama, any root veggies really. FAB dessert is a chocolate mousse pie: but I'm not sure you'll be able to get the irish moss from wegmans or deans or whole foods. Here's a link for a super easy chocolate pudding that is hella good: (you can omit the maca if you can't find it) Also a link for an easy fudge cake to make: - You can get all the ingredients from any healthy food store. Now everyone is seeming to carry some raw cacao powder. Here's a great dressing recipe. Raw fooders tend not to use balsamic vinegars. They use lemons, lemon juice, or fermented apple cider vinegar if they use vinegars at all: Marinade/Dressing * 1/4 cup olive oil * 1/4 cup lemon juice * 1/4 cup Nama Shoyu (or your favorite miso) * 1/4 cup raw agave * 1 tsp garlic powder * 1 tsp Italian seasoning * 1/2 tsp cumin * pinch of Himalayan salt Blend until smooth. Store in fridge when not using. Have fun! All these recipes are super easy and require only blenders or food processors. take care and many blessings, Linda

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