today's soul musings

I have been listening to the sound track from 1 Giant Leap since I watched it last week. Here is the link to this awesome awesome video: - I find it so damned inspiring. I love the funky world music, the faces, the images, the quotes - it's all fantastic. There's still so much on my plate at present. We are meeting with a realtor to see about selling a house. I'll post up more about that later. There is school for me, finishing up school for the kids (which means putting together the portfolio to show in order to appease the dept of education), work, life and relationship issues and so forth. I'm honest when I say some moments are tiring. I came back from my vacation and during the weekend felt a little worn out, mainly - I THINK - because I wasn't ready to come back here. So I sat in my favorite lil chair and put on the music to this documentary and it was almost immediate, I felt elevated and way better. By Monday, I felt great. Things felt magical, like they did when I was on vacation. I had to do some crafty projects for homework. One of them was to find a photo of me at the age of 7 and write with my non-dominant hand the things that I enjoyed as a kid of that age. This is what I did. It was not elaborate but I remember doing these little images way back when. If I look hard enough, I'd be able to find a very colorful drawing that I did at that age. I wouldn't know where to begin to find it but I know I have it. Here's the seven year old girl that I was:

My daughter looked at the photo album with me and her comment when she saw this photo was that I looked bright and happy. That was sweet to hear. I can remember being in my 20s, looking at the fat kid that I was. I have a lot more sweetness for myself when I see these photos now and that's probably because I have kids now... This was a sweet kid in this photo - one who had a big curiosity for life and found beauty in so much.

P.S. you can find fun exercises like this and more if you go here: - you can read Plotkin's book "Nature and the Human Soul" and do these exercises. They are fun and get you thinking. Good night and happy soul searching!

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