today's soul musings

Today my soul creation that I want to share with you is an altar box that I made a couple weeks ago.
inside of the altar boxinside of altar boxinside of the altar box
another view of the inside
I took an old notions box that belonged to my mom. It was sturdy and in good shape. I gave the top of it to my art buddy and I kept the bottom. We sat and talked and collaged one day. I took old ribbons from the notions box and if you look carefully in that first picture, you'll see a bit of bling glued to the bottom of the box. That was also in the notion box. There are photos of the Buddha in there, St. Francis of Assisi, humming birds, flowers and I even found this artwork done by a woman - her art was done in the form of journal writing and drawing with a fountain pen. I used fabric that my art buddy brought, too. It all came together nicely. I used the words RELATIONSHIPS and OPENING and EVERYWHERE on the box as you can see if you study the photos. Inside it says "A NEW WAY OF SEEING" over St Francis of Assisi. This is my wish for new openings, new ways of seeing, new relationships. I place it on top of my book case and I have a tiny statue of kwan yin inside as well as a little urn that is black and smooth - I have NO idea where the little urn came from. It sits askew - not quite level. I bring these items with me when a few of us gather for a women's night and we share altar items for the time we are together. Otherwise, I see it daily as soon as I come downstairs in the morning. These little art intentions, for me, are strategically placed around so that I am forever elevating myself and reminding myself of where I'd like to point my boat in the direction of. Please share what you do to set intentions and daily reminders for yourself. I'd love to learn from you.
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