I missed monday's post! I can tell you what I had though:

32 oz juice in the morning made of celery, greens, cuke and apples

32 oz smoothie for lunch made of blueberries, mango, banana, rice protein powder and a boat load of greens

dinner was a big plate of baby romaine with leftover rice pasta, bean burgers and veggies. it was THE most filling meal I've had in over 10 days. I got so tired and went to bed right away! LOL


Today when I got up, I was JONESING for hot cocoa. So I made a small mug using hemp milk. You know what? It didn't taste very good. isn't that something.

I wasn't really hungry so I cleaned up the kitchen a bit and then made a smoothie for later. made it with a bunch of collards, bananas, strawberries, rice protein powder and morning jing. I added some AFA and VM green too. it was tasty and filling. I drank it before going into town for errands and an appt.

Took my son to his eye appt and then we ran a few errands in town. I ate a "goji apparatus" from tulsi tea room that was nice but again, these foods were not tasting the same. Came home to do some online orders and then went back to bring in groceries, put them away and began making a bunch of food for the week. I made a pot of brown rice, 2 recipes of parsley pesto, 1/2 recipe of cheddary cheeze and then chopped up mushroom, onion, zuke and red bell pepper to steam cook for my dinner. I rode on the stationary bike for 45 minutes on level 10 and worked up a little sweat.

dinner was on a plate of meclun mix with the veggies over top, some slices of tempeh and about 1/2 cup brown rice and a spoonful of parsley pesto. It was a lot of food and filled me up very well. The rest of the family had some of the kickass chocolate covered cheezecake that I made but I didn't have any. My daughter and I took the dogs out for a walk - maybe about a mile and here I am now.

it's always interesting to gauge the tastebuds after a fast. something BURST with flavor and other things don't. some things taste a bit like sludge. I made this pasta for my daughter then day before and it tasted like nothing. I had to be careful not to over season because for me, I tasted nothing but she could taste it. Isn't that interesting?

So, I keep on keepin on. I'm basically back on the (modified) fuhrman plan with loads of veggies, a tiny bit of grains/legumes and laying off salt, processed sugar and oils. It was interesting to want the cocoa so badly and have it taste weird. Like too mild and I kinda shrugged my shoulders and say, "Meh. why bother?"

Have a great night!

all love,

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