Tuesday Update on the ol' hip

I'm quite happy to tell you that I'm doing way way better. I have a dull ache in side of my leg/hip when I sit only but that huge pain in the iliopsoas is gone and I'm grateful to be able to move and walk with greater ease. I'm still moving slowly and it's because I'm really babying this leg. I just don't want to overdo it, I guess. I was in Montpelier yesterday morning visiting with some friends for a spirit circle that we share together. Then I walked around a bit through the library. They were having a book sale and this is like heaven to me. I found several books that needed to come home with me. I had a tote bag with me that ended up getting super heavy. Also while in Montpelier, I had a follow up chiropractor appt so I carried the tote bag close to my body so it would be easier to carry. Thankfully, it is just 2 buildings away from the library. I was definitely walking slowly on the sidewalk (LOVE sidewalks!) :-) and I didn't really care if people looked at me funny. I was going even more slowly because I had heavy books. Of course I was like, "Linda, do you really need to carry heavy things like this?" But the answer was yes. I love the book sale at the Kellogg-Hubbard Library! :-) Leita was happy to see me walking better and when I got on the adjustment table she kept saying, "You are doing so much better!" Then I got on the massage table and she went really deep. She said that my muscles feel LOADS better than they did last week and she was impressed with how deep she could go in them. I got off the table and felt very limber and flexible. I went home and got ready for a workshop I had last night on Green Smoothies. Matt made me a green juice because I was just starting to feel the effects of a deep tissue massage. If you haven't had one, they are GREAT but sometimes they can cause headaches in me if I don't drink enough water. If you think about it, there's a lot of lactic acid that gets released when muscles are getting deeply massaged. So it's good to help flush them out. I came home and drank some water but really was jonesing for some greens to help me get adequate nutrition. I don't ever feel like I'm eating unless there's a lot of greens in the meal.

The juice was made of: • local lettuce • local kale • local sorrel (wild edible) • local apples • local cucumbers After he blended everything in the Vitamix, he filtered it with one of our nut milk bags and then added some spirulina to it.

It was a delicious green green drink and it hit the spot. Somewhere around 4:30 I felt pretty sleepy. I laid down and took a rest. It felt good to be all cozy in bed. The kids were playing with friends and Matt took the day off so he was with them. It was good timing all the way around. I woke up in time to get to the workshop. This is my last workshop for a couple months. I decided to take the summer off so that I could just have a bit less on my plate. Summer is usually a lot of juggling around with kids schedules and so really, it's just substituting one thing for another, to be honest. So that's really my update. I'm still taking the zyflamends, the magnesium, drinking lots of water, massaging my own muscles, walking and keeping them moving. I'm personally quite pleased with the quicker turn around time on this. I went from total immobility to feeling like I'm able to walk and move and sit and pick my feet up whenever I want. I'm not at all at 100% but in the past with these kinds of things, this would have taken a lot longer to get to this point. I asked my chiropractor about this and she said, "Well, if you think about it, for years your body knew how to stay misaligned. The last two years that we've been working on your back with the exercises and the adjustments, your body is remembering how to stay aligned. So it only makes sense that you are bouncing back faster." She's a great helper/healer/chiropractor. Bless her heart. Today I'm going to the cafe to see how I do. I've got some orders to fill. Wish me luck! OH! P.S. This weekend I finally finished Eat, Pray, Love. It's a really good read. Please join me on the Book List. Time for me to start another book: http://vt-fiddle.com/blog/?p=455

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