What is raw and living foods?

Raw and Living food is basically the same thing. A lot of people are wanting to call it LIVING food because raw has such a bad connotation. Look up the word Raw in the dictionary - not very positive definitions.

Raw/Living food is about eating food that haven't been heated above 112 degrees. People who eat this way tend to be vegan although there are people who benefit from raw fermented dairy or raw fish (even some have raw egg yolks but I'd personally need to really be sure the eggs were clean for that although I am tempted to try it.)

Things to eat include: fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, sprouted grains, sprouted legumes, seaweed, super foods, super herbs. It's not just about eating salads although I love my salads more than anything. It's NOT about chewing on raw broccoli or carrot sticks. It is NOT rabbit food. You can get as simplified or as gourmet as you like with it.

The dehydrator is the raw fooder's oven and in it you can make cookies, crackers, breads, tortillas, enchiladas, pizzas, etc. You can warm up anything that you'd like to eat like raw lasagna, raw shepherd's pie, etc.

Raw/Living food can be very rich and all of it bursts with color and flavor and texture. After eating this way for even a week, you'll taste cooked food and it was taste bland and lifeless. To me, a lot of cooked food tastes like sludge, sticky and gooey and not at all appealing although there is a highly addictive quality about it.

You can basically make anything that you made in the cooked food world in the raw food world and usually it's a lot easier and quicker to do. No more standing over hot stoves, no more washing of endless pots and hard to clean casserole dishes. No more burning of food and having to juggle when you make something and have it remain hot while you make something else. My thanksgiving meals are enormous and take me 2 hours to make which includes prep and clean up. I now have time to enjoy with my family rather than cooking and cleaning, etc.

I eat a variety of food and I am a lot less hungry than I used to be. I really feel fed so I don't need to eat as much as I used to. I also am not eating addicting foods so I'm in greater touch with emotional triggers that used to send me to the fridge. The food I eat is minimally processed with no chemicals, herbicides, fungicides, pesticides, flavorings. I can pronounce ALL the ingredients! None of my food comes in boxes and I'm in charge of knowing where the food comes from - most of which comes from my garden or a local CSA.

I make cookies, fudge, puddings, ice creams, pates, dressings, dips, salads, pies, cakes, salads, cheeses, smoothies, wraps, & juices that will kick your asses in terms of flavor and time it takes to make them.

Raw/Living food lasts longer than you'll expect as well. My NOT Tuna lasts 10 days in the fridge. My chili lasts 3 weeks in the fridge. I make a raw nutella that is soooooooo much better than what you get at the store. My fudge is like having a delicious and sweetie vitamin. I make a chocolate mousse pie that makes everyone weep, it is that good! :-)

Think about the saying, "You are what you eat." Living food heals and fuels a LIVING body. Cooked food is dead food and dead food slows you down, makes you sick, gets you addicted and really gums you up inside. When you eat living food for a while, you shift out of old patterns in mind, body and spirit. It's a very fast track to healing and I recommend people do it slowly because it can freak you out if you do it quickly sometimes. It did for me anyway. When you are no longer eating for emotional reasons, you are only left with yourself and that can be scary until you realize you have given yourself the best gift in the world. So sit back, enjoy the ride and start eating something raw in your meals today.

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