GAME CHANGING ORDER leads to Inventory Sale and more!

Hello there Good Fiddle Heads People!

There's lots going on in the Fiddle Heads world so let's begin. I want to say thank you to the VT School Board people and their affiliates who recently invited me to do 2 workshops at their wellness retreat in Stowe. It was great fun and I was inspired by the openness of everyone who attended. Thank you again.

We have our modified/updated menu (see below and here at this link: and have some weekly specials:

    • Zucchini Pasta with a kick ass, fresh, raw basil marinara sauce
    • Kickass Collard Wraps with RAWvarti cheeeeeeeeeeeeze
    • RAWsome Burgers served on onion bread with raw mayo, raw bacon cheddary cheeze, lettuce & tomato.

      and some desserts I have all sliced up and ready are:
    • Chocolate Mousse Pie,
    • Chai Spiced Cheezecake,
    • Berries N Creme Cake,
    • Chocolate Velvet Cake


THE TIMES THEY ARE A-CHANGIN' — Inventory Blow Out Sale

We recently received a GAME-CHANGING nut milk bag order and it means that we have added more sewing machines and have TWO job openings available. Here is our Craigslist ad for the job openings: trd/3093926525.html

We also have been rearranging the entire upstairs to house the machines and we need to thin out inventory and other stuff in order to hold around 7000+ yards of fabric. (I will have to attach a photo of this in a future newsletter because I don't even know what that looks like myself!)

I'm listing out some items that we have to weed out. PLEASE contact us if you are interested in any of these. We are excited to pass along our wholesale costs to you for these items because we really need the space. Call it an inventory blow-out sale.

For everything listed below, please email me for QTY and price...

  • Bulk Herbs from A to Z (ok, more like Y) — please check our website for the massive listing of herbs we have and then let us know what you'd like.
  • Medicinal Mushrooms (Reishi, Chaga) — we have BULK quantities of this.
  • Bulk Sunflower seeds — 50 or more lbs
  • Brazil nuts, Hazelnuts, raw Buckwheat in BULK quantities
  • Bulk shredded coconut — 20 or more lbs
  • BOOKS! I have to thin out the book inventory I have upstairs.
  • Biodegradable Food Packaging — various cups and To-Go items that I have too much of and need to find new homes for. Please let anyone you know in the food industry know please. We are happy to send in the mail.
  • Old Fashioned nut butter grinders. We have 2 of them - they are refurbished and never used by us.
  • Restaurant Size Salad Spinner
  • 8 Demitasse Cups (clear glass with metal handle) for espresso
  • Stainless Steel Commercial Juicer for super CHEAP — brandy new!
  • Metal racks - various sizes. These come from ULINE — they are commercial grade and super sturdy
  • Display racks - glass and metal display racks in various sizes

  • 2 upholstered oak chairs

  • JARS! Jars for making candles, for holding lotions, herbs, tincture bottles, mason jars of various sizes. Oh so many JARS!

  • NORI SHEETS in 50 sheets and 100 sheets packaging
  • We have some items listed on EBAY — things like books and superfood powders:

For everything listed above, please email me for QTY and price...


  Even MORE changes:

For those of you who have come into the shop, you have noticed how WONDERFUL it smells inside. We have a chocolatier making chocolate in our kitchen space now, too. The wonderful and talented Liberty Chocolates is delighting our senses with 5 chocolates (soon to be more, I'm told!)


This is a time of change and what fun, exciting and delicious change it is! Thank you for being with us for this. Lots of love and hugs to you my friends!


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P.S. Please contact me if you are interested raw food classes or challenges.

P.P.S. Be sure to check us on the web as we have lots of new products online and in the store, too, always. We've posted up a few new items!
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