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Hello there! I've got a question to ask of you so I'm getting right to it.

We have scheduled informative event with Brian Clement, the director of Hippocrates Health Institute. It will be an evening event for a couple hours and my only dilemma is that I don't know what topic to choose for him to speak on! Please help me and contact me with your top choice for topics to listen to and learn about.

Here's the list of topics and believe it or not, I didn't give all of them!

Please read them over and LET ME KNOW what your first choice is. The one that hit you as the biggest YES!

Brian Clement, PhD, NMD, CN, will reveal one of the most precarious misunderstandings of today. His objective is to shine a bright light on the importance of good nutrient intake and squelch the stereotypical belief that all nutrients are created equal. You will learn how these and many other cherished ideas we hold about nutrition are a dangerous collection of myths and half-truths based on adherence to a synthetic belief system that has led our culture far astray of nature’s promise and potential for bestowing health and healing.

“TOOLS TO REALIZE COMPLETE LIFE TRANSFORMATION”: Living foods, physical and spiritual transformative qualities. Learn how to feel a deep sense of Freedom, Confidence, Fulfillment and Love. Dr. Clement will provide the tools to understand ourselves and to bridge the gap between how we act and how we would like to act.

“RAW FOOD AND CANCER” - Breast Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Cervical Cancer, Lung Cancer, and many others were thought to be incurable or terminal. Dr. Clement will talk about disease prevention and how to heal yourself from these life-threatening illnesses.

“SAVE YOUR LIFE”: Healing yourself, Healing the world.
Dr. Clement will explain how living foods abundant energy and extraordinary nutrition protects cells from early death, promoting life extension. Higher quality living is achieved when one consumes energy rich cuisine.

“HARMONY WITHIN THE PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL, AND ENERGETIC BODY”: How diet, enzymes, algae, oxygen, supplements relate to cells, systems, blood, etc. Open up to psychotherapy and all of your unique senses AND how to keep your body in sync with MRS, Laser, Bio-Pro, and much more.

Sometimes, the more you try to find the right foods, the more confused you get. Should I food combine? What about raw? Cooked or un-cooked? Eat organic or vegan? What about alkaline foods and the ph SCALE? What’s the deal with sugar? Should I juice? Stop the mystery and get the facts! Obtain solid information about enzymes, living foods, anti-oxidents, disease prevention, and what really strengthens your immune system. Learn how to increase energy, strength, endurance, emotional balance, and mental clarity. It’s time to eat right…. NAKED OF COURSE”

“DETOXIFICATION, CLEANSING, AND ELIMINATION”: The workings of the elimination system, (Lymph, Liver, Colon, Blood Lungs, Kidneys and Skin) and what you can expect to experience as you undertake a detoxifying program.

“OUR TOXIC WORLD: DEALING WITH DISEASE AND CANCER” - Dr. Clement will provide a blueprint to maintaining a strong immune system, and a clear mind to enable you to begin your journey on the path to achieve optimum health.

“ANIMAL VS. PLANT” - Why plant-based nutrition. Why not? Why develop heart disease, cancer, diabetes? The epidemic of chronic, degenerative disease that is sweeping the western world can not only be stopped, it can be potentially reversed. The poser lies in the hands of the consumer, in the choices we make.

“A RECIPE FOR SUCCESS: Embrace, Design, Create, Love: Eating is such a large part of our lives and it is the “recipe” we make of our food and our lives that makes us either love it or hate it. Dr. Clement explores the reasons for cooked food dependency and how to deal with the Power of Food Cravings.

Which was the one that sounded most intriguing? Please contact me with your top choice!

Thank you for your help!

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Green Apple Elixir

I thought I'd give a nice refreshing juice recipe since it's so muggy and hot outside these days.

This comes from a random search:

• 3 stalks of celery
• 3 large apples
• 1 stem of broccoli
• 1 fresh squeezed lemon

This high potassium, high sodium drink is quite refreshing when you are feeling thirsty and is able to normalize metabolism and restore an organism after physical activity. This recipe is also good for reducing the risk of developing heart disease.

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