"Fried" Onion Rings


Ingredients 1 large sweet or spanish onion cut into rings 1st coating 4 tbs. olive oil 2 tbs. water Sea salt to taste 2nd coating: 1 cup ground golden flax seeds 1/2 cup ground unsoaked almonds 1-2 tsp. paprika Sea salt and pepper to season

How to: Take each onion ring, dip it into the 2nd coating, then into the 1st coating and then back into the 2nd coating. Your goal is to get as much of the 2nd coating as possible. Once you have achived that, gently take the the coated onion rings and put them on dehydrator trays (without teflex sheets) and dehydrate the rings for about 10-14 hrs at 105 degrees F. or until crispy. Serve them with Tangy Dipping Sauce.

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